Stephen A. announces Shannon Sharpe will officially join First Take 🙌

Stephen A. announces Shannon Sharpe will officially join First Take 🙌

Stephen A. announces Shannon Sharpe will officially join First Take 🙌
Stephen A. Smith makes an announcement that Shannon Sharpe will be alongside him on First Take on Mondays and Tuesdays starting September 4th.
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40 Responses

  1. Dats a paddlin says:

    Shannon and Stephen A gonna go crazy after every cowboys loss 😂.

  2. arthur salma says:

    Oh my goodness. I am more excited for the NBA season than I have ever been. My man Shannon is gonna kill it

  3. BridgeLyfe Rell says:

    He needs his own show by now. He deserves it

  4. Mackan Lund says:

    Well deserved. Shannon is an well rounded analyst . Both in combat sports and ball sports . Great addition 🎉💯

    • Mr. Iceman says:

      yeah except he’s a punk and can’t take the simple truth. other than that hes fine. 👍🏻

    • Mackan Lund says:

      @Mr. Iceman you really went there . I assume you talking about the latest skip feud. Yes to some extent you right he over reacted. But in no way in the world should skip bring up shannons legacy to compare it with Brady just because he said he played bad a few games . And that he dosent have right to say it . Thats ridiculous skip took it personal he the Snowflake when it comes to protecting Brady .

    • Mr. Iceman says:

      @Mackan Lund bro i agree Skip has his flaws and hes … flamboyant and not easy to work with sometimes. but as everyone else noticed, Skip just couldn’t take Shannon constantly bashing and bashing Tom during every debate. yeah Skip shouldn’t went there nonetheless, but what he said was a FACT. he didn’t went out and said something like “Shannon you are trash”. he just stated TB was better and has a more accomplished career. it was not an insult. Skip is not like that.

    • Enrique Williams says:


  5. Kuyikabasi Effiong says:

    It’s refreshing to see a team from New York clear cap space and sign their big free agent target. The Knicks could learn something from this.

  6. Fab My Ride says:

    This is going to be so dynamic debates ! Glad to see Shannon back on TV

  7. Antonio Beasley says:

    Shannon gone be the reason why people watch first take again.

  8. Nothemba Jozi says:

    Shannon: My Grandma told me to always walk in grace and even thank the person who stuck a knife on your back because if you’re a good person there’s going to thousands of people who will not only take the knife out and help you heal but they will also deal with said person without you ever lifting a finger.
    Congratulations Mr. Sharpe!

  9. asterx_obelix says:

    love this change in dynamic … Stephen A and Shannon seem to agree on a lot of topics

    • Shelnes Elie says:

      That’s not a good thing. It’s more entertaining when 2 people are always disagreeing.

    • tigera6 says:

      Skip playing the “villain” role was why SAS and Shannon are so likable in those shows. SAS and Shannon engergy kinda canceling out each other, will be interesting how things go after the honeymoon end. And remember this is ESPN, owned by Disney, so Shannon wont be able to freely express his view and voice like used to with Undisputed.

    • Chris AM says:

      @tigera6Disney owns fox too, ain’t no different

    • tigera6 says:

      @Chris AM They dont own Fox Sport, or at least not running it. They bought 21st Century Fox which is the film division along with the Fox Network. But they how 80% share of ESPN as direct asset.

    • asterx_obelix says:

      @Shelnes Elie maybe, but I also tired of every other show having the same dynamic. Ends up into a yelling match.

  10. Domynyque Moore says:

    These two working together has so much meme potential it’s crazy😂🔥

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