We Are Witnessing The Worst Pro Sports Team Of All-Time

We Are Witnessing The Worst Pro Sports Team Of All-Time

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37 Responses

  1. @SeanDoesMagic says:

    1 hour after posting this video…

    They finally win a game.
    Must’ve heard that Jimmy was watching 😂

  2. @majo6677 says:

    Seeing cade doing every thing to win and actually caring about the team made me a fan

    • @babadaboopi2480 says:

      no sht…he is a player for that team…of course he is gonna do everythiing he can to save his career

    • @joshreid1006 says:

      @@babadaboopi2480Wow thanks for clarifying that…. Clearly doesn’t apply to a lot of the other players on the team so I don’t know why you’re being a smart ass

    • @mudaebots says:

      @@babadaboopi2480there are levels of passion for winning, it’s what separates cade cunningham from the rest…
      why do you think kobe bryant was so renowned for his mamba mentality ?

    • @chomosuke0720 says:

      ​@@babadaboopi2480You thought you were smart for this huh

    • @raph7070 says:

      ​@@babadaboopi2480 “what a fool you are of course he cares about his team, another zinger under my belt buckle! 👆🤓”

  3. @waterboy6690 says:

    This dude just casually covered NHL history accurately and better than a good amount of hockey content creators… Oh and thanks for making me feel better about my Sharks

  4. @jackh2022 says:

    What I love about this video is that every time I thought “man it’s kinda a stretch to compare teams across different sports,” Jimmy found great ways to compare relative goodness. Fire vid 🔥

    • @davidmcintosh4590 says:

      I disagree. Love these videos but these metrics are forced, cherry-picked and misleading. Firstly you have to compare the full season record of Detroit to the full season of others for this to be in any way meaningful, especially when injuries have had such an impact in the first third of the season. Secondly wins/losses are not equivalent across sports- the comparison of NBA wins to coin flips is miles off – upsets are far more likely in other sports because the value of each score in the NBA is relatively lower than MLB, NHL and NFL where scoring is harder. You can see this in MLB; the worst season record since 1900 in MLB is .235- there have been well over 50 NBA teams with worse records in the last 70 years. Similarly hockey is a sport where upsets are more prevalent as games are frequently low scoring and decided by a single goal. 16 losses in NFL – a full season over 18 weeks – is far worse than 16 losses in NBA – a fifth of the season over a month. That said – Pistons clearly suck, and i enjoy your work.

    • @davebishop6020 says:

      @@davidmcintosh4590well said.. and I agree, going winless across an entire nfl season is way worse than the pistons losing streak

    • @muhammedyasinkalender6576 says:

      I love how the video beautifully explains why American sports leagues are a big joke 😀

    • @jonathangazala421 says:

      ​@@davidmcintosh4590in the nba many use net rating to understand where a team is really at. It’s an interesting indicator. The Pistons aren’t even last in this season. They are 28th. They are a minus 10 while the historically bad bobcats were minus 15. Anyway the timing of this video is the best karma it deserves.

  5. @BigKettleBoy says:

    Toronto Raptors made headlines today. Not only did they make a trade that sent one of our cornerstones away to New York, they also became the answer to a trivia question😭😭

  6. @Hateandhatred says:

    Fantastic video. Also, it makes me realize that our boy Jimmy covering some NHL stuff, even if it’s only a side glance, is surprisingly entertaining. People don’t approach Hockey storylines like they do with Basketball, and Jimmy’s brand fits it perfectly imo.

    • @josiahmorris says:

      No one cares to know what the blue line means. Also, Hockey players do horrible things to each other in the locker rooms. You don’t want to know.

    • @Hateandhatred says:

      @@josiahmorris I do know, but that doesn’t invalidate the sport or the league. The culture needs to change, I agree, and I don’t think enough reparations have been done.

      But all that aside, it would still be entertaining, and I feel like both sports have a lot in common.

    • @sportsdomination9729 says:

      I don’t think very many of his viewers like hockey. Hockey tends to be one-or-the-other when it comes to winter sports in involving basketball as the other option

    • @Hateandhatred says:

      @@sportsdomination9729 That’s besides the point, I’m just pointing out that his narrative style fits Hockey well, not that he needs to make Hockey related content.

  7. @JeffNippard says:

    Cries in Toronto raptors

  8. @xxfrank12 says:

    As a Pistons fan I just want to say.. THEY’RE NOT THAT BAD!! These numbers are not telling the whole story 😭😭

  9. @zwei94 says:

    Piston players must have watched your video tonight before the Raptors game and played like their lives and their families lives were on the line 😂

  10. @norwayguy7649 says:

    As a Celtics fan I was amazed how much of a fight the pistons put up. I thought to myself there’s no way they have a 28 losing streak. Went on to watch the game against the raports the following day when they tok the W. They might not be the best team, but they are way better than I gave them credit for. Wait until the end of the season and see their win percentage improve. They are figuring it out

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