Suge Knight Speaks Out on Keefe D Arrest | TMZ Live

Suge Knight Speaks Out on Keefe D Arrest | TMZ Live

Suge Knight is surprised there’s finally an arrest in the murder of Tupac Shakur, and even though he was an eyewitness in the case … he says he’ll refuse if called to testify against the suspect, Duane “Keefe D” Davis.


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44 Responses

  1. shapella 🥂 says:

    Suge knows more than what is being said

  2. DAD'S PLAN says:

    Suge is just protecting himself. A guy like Suge labeled a rat in prison is a dead man. Needless to say, choose your friends and business associates wisely. Leave the street life to those who don’t care about their own life, family, friends and loved ones.

  3. Black Fish07 says:

    Justice will be served R.I.P. 2pac

  4. MELA-D GOAT says:

    say what you want about suge but that guy is what he says he is. a lot of people in his position would have folded on everyone a long time ago. dude is a g.

  5. Davy Wavy says:

    Suge is trying to protect him and his family life. Smart guy

    • Demetrius Hugee says:

      No he not . Pac would never want Suge to snitch … Pac was a soulja frfr and he don’t want no black man in prison period

    • Cash Go getter says:

      @Demetrius Hugeeyou hear how suge talk he don’t care for that dude pac 😂

    • Marcus B says:

      That’s exactly what he is doing. That man got family out here. He’s very smart and it’s clear there are some bigger hands at play in the background. Basically all his deeds will end with him.

    • PassportBros&ManWeaves says:

      Nothing smart about that nukka

  6. Imhotep Heru says:

    I’m sure 100% Suge know the shooter. I would love to hear Keef D story, hours before and after shooting. I’m so happy this case opened, we love Tupac R.i.p 🙏🙏🙏

    • Mas A says:

      Is the shooter even alive?

    • Michael Mitchell says:

      Keefe D story is all over the internet told by himself

    • SusieGotYourNumber says:

      Everyone in that car is dead except keefe d. What’s interesting is it was said the arm that came out of the car was bigger than Orlando and darker. Orlando wasn’t big he was slim. So even if Orlando wasn’t the shooter, it was someone in that car. If it was Keefe himself he’ll be going to be prison anyway.

  7. Joseph Zapata says:

    This is why gangs aren’t worth getting involved in..keep loyalty only to your wife and kids.. forget everyone else!!

  8. Dunamis Fire says:

    Suge said Orlando Anderson wasn’t the shooter from day one but nobody was listening. He said he played football with Kefee Dee and wouldn’t want him going to prison for something that he didn’t do, there’s love and respect. He knows he was being manipulated into everything. He said “Free Keefe Dee”. Now why would he say that? He is the only surving witness besides Kefee Dee, the supposed assailant.

    • E Dub says:

      Idgaf your supposed “friend” killed what was supposed to be your man’s/supposed homeboy/ breadwinner. Street Politics can get dirty real quick. Suge was supposed to retaliate (according to the streets) 🤷

    • Tom Kee says:

      But why would keefe confess all these years if he wasn’t involved ? Thats what I’m wondering

    • Henny Grand cru says:

      Big Dre was the shooter

  9. BTTL72 says:

    We “civilians” may not understand his stance. The man is in a very vulnerable position right now and wants to stay alive!

  10. George Whyte says:

    Imagine grown men old enough to be grandfathers facing consequences for some dumb actions they made as young adults, many years later… Make your decisions wisely kids 🙏🏾

    • Juro says:

      Everybody makes mistakes. Imagine grown men acting holier than thou on the internet, pointing fingers knowing damn well they’ve made some terrible decisions in their past as well, some worse than others.

    • 1976ondy says:

      Kids would not understand this comment, until is too late and they are crying on the jail phone asking their moms and girlfriend “get me out please😢😢”

    • Yaboy Yaboy says:

      He was still a grandpa age 27 years ago bro he wasn’t no young adult

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