Suicide Squad ISEKAI | Announcement | DC

Suicide Squad ISEKAI | Announcement | DC


Suicide Squad rampages into Japanese anime in SUICIDE SQUAD ISEKAI, an all-new original anime series collaboration with Warner Bros. Japan and WIT Studio!


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45 Responses

  1. O m e n says:

    DC and Isekai are words no one could imagine together

    • Nate says:

      But honestly, an isekai built into an existing IP sounds amazing. Most isekai start you off with no knowledge of the characters. Also the protagonist is more often than not the hero. Here we have psychopaths being isekai’d.

      This sounds for an insanely good matchup.

    • Cloud Dreamurr says:

      But Batman ninja was good tho

    • Pandog Studios says:

      Nah I could imagine DC and Isekai. I couldn’t imagine Suicide Squad and Isekai

    • Jose Urbina says:

      DC and Isekai actually go way back, have you ever read the “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” there are like a ton of Multiverse stories they have done in the Past.

    • madkabal says:


  2. peteromg says:

    I don’t know what to expect from this

    this concept is so wild it rivals literally nothing else

  3. FNCS Visual says:

    Never thought I’d be seeing a suicide squad anime but I’m all here for it

  4. Selena R says:

    Hopefully this can Segway into a new and actually good era of dc where the stories finally align and connect I am beyond excited for this

  5. Erebuse says:

    Love the art style! Harley Quinn looks amazing! I can totally imagine her in a different world

  6. Lotus says:

    The art style looks great and the idea of putting Suicide Squad and Isekai together is quite alien but worth looking forward to

  7. JSML xjs says:

    Isekai and suicide squad. 2 things I never thought would be in the same sentence

  8. - Bilal - says:

    There are no words to describe this moment

  9. Griff Wilson says:

    Normally I don’t watch Isekai anymore due to it’s over abundance, but I actually may watch this one, just because I love the DC universe.

    • How are you more of a clown than me, a clown says:

      Suicide Squad is the best team for isekai anyway, purely because you know they aren’t going to react or do things like normal isekai.

    • Blue Bucket says:

      ​@How are you more of a clown than me, a clownfacts ands considering the squads are villains I’m excited yo see how things would turn out and how the folks in the fantasy settings would react to them

    • Takosuke says:

      Fkn batman samurai

    • Mohammed Esmail - منوعات EMIX7 says:

      And this Anime series will make you love Isikai Anime 😂❤️

    • Bob Benson says:

      There’s still some good isekai but it’s drowning in the rote tropy sludge.

  10. King Zangetsu12820 ✔ says:

    I hope this opens up the door to more anime like works💙

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