Surveillance photo shows car airborne at scene of explosion at US-Canada border | NewsNation Now

Surveillance photo shows car airborne at scene of explosion at US-Canada border | NewsNation Now

A surveillance photo obtained by NewsNation appears to show a car going airborne following an explosion at a checkpoint on the Rainbow Bridge at the U.S.-Canada border.

Two people were found dead inside the vehicle following the explosion, outlets including the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

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48 Responses

  1. Nugsy Malone says:

    I like how she mentions these “threats” but gives no details whatsoever about any threats made

  2. Paul Elliott says:

    If you watch the video, you can clearly see a vehicle slamming into the tollbooth area at a high speed. Then you see an explosion and debris bouncing forward past the tollbooth. It looks like someone was either trying to hit the tollbooth or was distracted (ie- looking at their phone) and hit the tollbooth .

  3. We're Alldoomed says:

    Whatever the officials say, I’m automstically going to assume the opposite. That way when it comes out they lied for the 100th time, you can be like I was right.

  4. GERRY Chartrand says:

    Were told they can read a newspaper from cameras in space, yet photo quality of border cameras is so blurry, and sad.

  5. Mile Post 106 says:

    I like how the media brings retirees out of the woodwork. What are they going to know? They just speculate and are clueless as to what is going on.

  6. Johnny Bronze says:

    Well now we’re completely screwed. The terrorist have flying cars! We’ll never financially recover from this.

  7. TheDrwave says:

    It’s 2023. Why is the picture quality so poor?

  8. mark cosenza says:

    I still think The Dukes of Hazard would have cleared that bridge!

  9. RivaRidge'72 says:

    The report regarding the Buffalo airport having been closed was not true. The airport did close itself to any international flights – which make up a very small portion of their daily flight numbers. NewsNation blew it on this one.



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