Suzanne Somers Dead at 76

Suzanne Somers Dead at 76

Suzanne Somers has died, she was 76 years old. A rep for the actress confirmed the news to ET.

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  1. Ann Marie Laurendeau says:

    “Enjoy each day, you never know what tomorrow will bring” Spoken by a beautiful, intelligent, giving soul who inspired all women to fight for what they believe in and showing us all that true beauty is ageless. She will be missed, RIP Suzanne Somers

  2. Lady Tanya Alexis says:

    Thank you ET for putting together this lovely tribute. I grew up watching Suzanne on TV–always enjoyed her shows (“Step by Step” was my favorite–I always thought it had a Shakespearean quality, truly–it was underrated!), but it was much later in life when I came to appreciate Suzanne’s outspokenness, especially where many fear to tread. She was brave, always and to the end. She will be missed!

  3. Silver Haired Snow says:

    I grew up watching her on Three’s company. This feels kind of like losing a big sister. I’m so happy that her light and that wonderful laugh are caught on film, and in everything she wrote, to revisit and remember.

  4. Deidre Lorenz says:

    Rip, suzanne. She made so many great contributions to spreading information about holistic health & women’s health issues. I respect her decisions not to do chemotherapy. I saw Suzanne in the 70s during a dress rehearsal of three’s company. I thought she was beautiful, funny, smart and a little shy. She was definitely a multi dimensional woman & she will be missed.❤

  5. Carolann Miller says:

    Suzanne Sommers lives on, not only for her many accomplishments, but, by example! She lived her life and inspired all who come to know her. A beautiful, intelligent, brave and determined woman who lived her life with an appreciation, joy, courage and respect for the journey. My thoughts and condolences to her family and everyone close to her.

  6. JRenee 🎤🎶 says:

    Oh, this breaks my heart. I grew up watching this Beautiful, talented, courageous Woman! She brought me lots of laughs and joy. I especially admire her for standing for what she believed regarding her health and taking a more natural approach. She had a huge impact on the world and dispelled the myths about dumb blondes. She was far from dumb! Rest in the Arms of God Suzanne… (Chrissy) you’ll be sorely missed 😢🌹🕊️

  7. gvalley07 says:

    My dad and I saw Suzanne in Vegas around 1980. She was headlining at the MGM Grand Hotel. I thought we’ve nothing to do, let’s see her show. I was amazed at how talented she was; she sang, she danced, she told jokes, and generally just charmed the audience. I’m very sad she passed away. All indications was that she was a brave and courageous person. RIP lovely lady.

    • Recovering Soul says:

      Just found her YouTube channel last week and subscribed. She has some cooking shows, some were live I think. They recently celebrated her husband’s birthday and he turned 90. He looks great for that age, didn’t look his age

  8. Lisa Robinson says:

    I grew up watching the sitcom ‘Three’s Company’ faithfully every week. Suzanne Somers is one of my favorite comedians and even her off camera personality is great. Gosh, I’m so saddened by the news of her death as I began following her about two years ago on Facebook and felt her marvelous sweet spirit once again. I’ve a couple of her health/exercise books and her health advice is significantly helpful. Somers will surely be missed. My condolences to her family.

  9. Rich Vandervecken says:

    Anyone who spends so many years performing in USO shows overseas to bring a little cheer to GI’s like she did has a very compassionate soul. I greatly admired her after I saw her in a USO show in Germany in the early 1980’s. She will be missed!

  10. Susan Curd says:

    I read her first book on bio identical hormones and took her advice. I’ve never looked back. Thank you Suzanne, you changed my world for the better!

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