The Bizarre World of Pointlessly Gendered Products

The Bizarre World of Pointlessly Gendered Products

there’s a lot of pointlessly gendered products out there for some reason. this week i talk about them and also try a few of them out! enjoy 🙂







thanks for watching!

comment “blue and pink more like poo and stink” ur reading this


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40 Responses

  1. A W says:

    Calling a woman a “b*tch” implies she’s too aggressive, calling a man a “b*tch” implies he’s not aggressive enough. That’s stupid.

    • Tatiyana says:

      Cause either way, being called too much of a woman is an insult! /s🙄

    • Arsena says:

      it is stupid but at the same time with that logic I suppose it kind of does? the logic itself is ridiculous though lol

    • Papa John says:

      To be fair, there *is* logic to that. “Bitch” refers to a female dog, that’s what makes the word a swear word and not just any other word. When you call a woman a bitch, you’re calling them a female dog, probably referring to the fact they’re aggressive or over-dominating. When you call a man a bitch, you’re also calling them a female dog, thus demasculating them by essentially calling them less bold and brave, which male dogs are technically scientifically proven to be compared to female dogs. Just because they’re used on two different people doesn’t mean the definition of the word changes, it just may have a different meaning to the person the word is used against.

    • Astronaut Sloth says:

      @Papa John bro, look, i get what you’re saying but I’ve been waiting for my pizza like 40 minutes now

    • PerriertastesLikepiss says:

      @Astronaut SlothI think you get the pizza for free now

  2. Caroline says:

    The worst gendered product I’ve come in contact with is for sure “Pinky Gloves”. It was a product on German Shark Tank and essentially a pink one-time-use plastic glove to remove a tampon with (of course, it was pink), so women wouldn’t have to touch their ‘gross’ hygiene products and (of course more importantly) so men didn’t have to see a tampon in the bathroom bin. The male sharks were ecstatic and called it revolutionary, but after the episode aired, the company had to backtrack and apologise pretty quickly. So yeah, women apparently need pink gloves in order not to touch their own bodies or make men feel uncomfortable. Hooray!

  3. fobro says:

    Ok I gotta be so honest, I love pink so much. I’m a girl and I often cave into shitty female stereotypes by buy pink products. (So I actually have that exact hammer 💀💀) Though, I do have to say that growing up I always felt like women were weaker so I tried to avoid stuff like that. It’s honestly a shame a lot of us were internally misogynistic bc men shamed us.

    • Sophia says:

      Dude me too 🙁 I love those stereotypical pink products but only recently did I start actually buying them bc I avoided them my whole life out of shame of “being a girl”

    • Marcela Cavalheiro says:

      I’m glad I can’t relate. Always knew feminine stuff had nothing to do with women and women are awesome as fuck. I hope you got over your internalized misogyny….

    • Anna says:

      It’s all a process to unpack that! Also, you’re still allowed to like pink. Everyone has the option to rock every color. 😊

    • Nico Moist says:

      as a transguy, i also felt like this!
      now, im trying to not care about this anymore
      i fucking love the color pink its great

    • Molly says:

      I love pink 🩷 so when I see something pink I’m definitely more inclined to buy it. It sucks that these products are often the result of marketing schemes to sell regular products (that are made pink) for more money.

  4. Reverie <3 says:

    i had a girls bible as a kid and i hated it. it was weird, objectified women, and told girls how to behave. it said stuff talking about women like “her thighs were lined with lilies” and told me to pretty much not show my feelings or emotions because saying my opinion was disobedient and would disappoint god. it also tried to hide that sex was a real thing but saying only boys and girls can be together at the same time💀

    • Ella Thingstad says:

      sounds like the average experience growing up as a girl in a religious family

    • Marcela Cavalheiro says:

      so… just like the real bible…

    • Vanessa M. says:

      That is revolting oml

    • Kayleigh Gould says:

      That sucks. My girl Bible just had modern day stories interspersed of women and girls talking about how a passage from the Bible helped them. I can see I got out lucky

    • Jasper says:

      My religious school did a separate course that was just religious studies but for girls and it was essentially how to be a pious wife to your future husband backed by out of context religious quotes. Being obedient and submissive to your husband, household chores, child bearing and being a firm with your religion. We were like 10-11yrs old and no they boys had nothing like this. They were either outside playing basketball or it would be general free time for them

  5. dingus says:

    as a female who likes shopping, fashion, insert girl stuff here, i am very pleased with you gendering the video for us females who are females.

    • Marcela Cavalheiro says:

      as a woman that doesn’t like that shit at all because I don’t have to… I think it was so funny that first bit, and the whole video is a joy

  6. Harley HackEmUp says:

    I spent a decade convincing my dad that dermatologists weren’t hacks, plastic surgeons or like ‘female’ doctors?? He had rosacea on his forehead my entire childhood and complained about it daily. I would mention skincare to him but he was convinced shampoo & dove soap had him set for life. He was using bar soap on his face for his entire adult life i’m surprised he had any skin left on his face frankly. Finally he went to the dermatologist and they prescribed him something for his rosacea, which magically he said helped and he should have gone years ago wow shocking. The dermatologist & I convinced him to use facial soap and moisturizer but I had to buy them in ‘masculine’ bottles so he would actually put them out on his sink & use them (shoutout Clinique for having a dark grey ‘boy’ skincare line for all the fussy men in our lives).

    • Leo Heartstrings says:

      It’s funny to me that the stereotype is “women picky and fussy about everything” but then older men are so picky that they will suffer before using something that would improve their quality of life.
      My mom’s husband (I do love him he’s very kind to her) refuses to eat veggies, he sees salad as ladies food, his diet is gonna put him in an earlier grave and it blows my mind. We’ve tried to make veggies more “manly” (lmfao) by having him grill them, but nope. He’ll take a bite and then get onto the manly meat and taters. 😂 it’s wild.

    • It'sTaraDelaney says:

      @Leo Heartstrings literally willing to die for it. Wowww 🫠

  7. BlueTrixie says:

    as a girl, thank you for gendering this video just for us kurtis

  8. Sentient Meatbag says:

    I laughed way too hard at “not those nails, these nails” and the pile of screws.

  9. three deep in the window says:

    The dude wipes saying they’re EXTRA LARGE while actually being average is… accurate lmao

  10. Nina Masson says:

    I work retail in fashion and we sell a lot of neutral baby clothes, pastels, brown, green, yellow, grey (sad beige as they say) but at the register, sometimes it gives off specifics when scanned. Like it’ll say “nightime bodysuit” or “stretchy rompers”. One day this elderly couple bought a little white fuzzy bodysuit with a bear on it, and it scanned as “girl’s bodysuit”. The HORROR on their faces. They looked at eachother and then asked me if that was an error, if it was also designed for boys, and more importantly “is it masculine enough?” I had to reassure them it was completely neutral, the most important thing was the materials etc. they sat there thinking for 5minutes, then decided not to take it. It honestly made me sad to know they were so indoctrinated in this ridiculous gender separation, that they couldn’t buy a 4€ onesie that would get filled with shit regardless of what colour it was.

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