The Black Hole That Kills Galaxies

The Black Hole That Kills Galaxies

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The universe isn’t just a vast empty ocean sprinkled with galaxies – most of the atoms are actually drifting in between, in the intergalactic medium.
If we look closely, we can see who is in charge here: Quasars, the single most powerful objects in existence. As small as a grain of sand compared to the amazon river, they reside in the centers of some galaxies, shining with the power of a trillion stars, blasting out huge jets of matter, completely reshaping the cosmos around them. They are so powerful that they can kill a galaxy.
What are they, and how do they mold the structure of the universe at their whim?


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38 Responses

  1. Tony Kontonasakis says:

    It’s absolutely nuts that most of the universes mass is located between galaxies, not inside them

  2. Siyah Ekran says:

    Wouldn’t it be crazy to have a civilization development and virtual evolution game with artistic visuals from Kurzgesagt?

  3. -Lemonade- says:

    Applause to the team who worked on this, animation was eye candy and the writers explained everything clearly and simply!

    • It's Ajindae says:

      Agreed, it feels this video was an upstep in the cutesy-animation and honestly I’m all here for it 🙂

    • Crusader says:

      I liked the one piece reference at the start with the gum gum fruit drawn in as a constellation

  4. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The concept of time dilation near black holes always blows my mind. It’s mind-bending to think about how time can slow down near such immense gravitational fields. Black holes truly bend the rules of our familiar reality.

  5. NightBread says:

    The animation for Kurzgesagt has evolved so much but Steve Taylor hasn’t changed a bit and I find that incredible.

  6. Jarod Davis says:

    Can you imagine us discovering that black holes are actually a form of life we just didn’t initially understand? Like, they’re conscious, thinking things? That’d be terrifying.

    • Liam Lieblein says:

      Perhaps each black hole is like an immense eye for the galaxy, giving it a way to look at the universe around it. Perhaps it’s like a thought in the mind of God, each galaxy an instant of introspection where a massive amount of energy is unified in a single point. Perhaps these are both two sides of the same coin.

      And perhaps I need to go to sleep.

    • John Doh says:


    • Lynnie Saade says:

      I don’t believe there is any evidence for this in real life (I just got my PhD studying quasars) but it is an idea I speculate a lot about in my own science fiction writing and comics (the thumbnail for this video actually heavily resembles one of my OCs lol). I definitely wish there were more stories involving sapient black holes. I imagine given that black holes are potentially the best energy sources in the Universe, there would be a lot of effort invested in keeping their sapient status a secret. I should note though in real life the no hair theorem kind of implies black holes cannot be alive, at least not in a way we could see from the outside…

    • Beeg Yoshi says:

      everything is conscious. You are made of the same energy as anything else; you reside within the same electromagnetic fields as well. At some point people will learn to see this, and it will seem as silly to have thought otherwise as it was to think the Earth was flat.

    • పక్షి భితి says:

      How can black holes or any celestial body be sentient? That’s definitely not true

  7. osheridan says:

    Learning about space feels like the equivalent of gaining awareness of the world around you as a kid

    • Frien says:

      It feels incredibly belittling yet fascinating

    • Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

      Don’t Read My Name!.!.

    • Perhaps Yes says:

      That’s because it’s the same, just on another scale.
      As a baby you know nothing, and your home is your world. As a young kid you start to understand your town/city. Then the planet. Then our Sun and our neighboring planets … and if you show interest, that ‘zooming out’ of scale never ends.

    • Ivan Ishchenko🇺🇦 says:

      That’s what I thought when I started watching space videos man

    • invincible4u says:

      Well yeah, thats how it works.

  8. Romuland Meier says:

    Quasars are really fascinating.
    They allow energy to get released again instead of getting trapped after the fusion to heavy elements in a star.

  9. M S says:

    Your artstyle, the choice of music, you really are the best of the best in terms of animation. Keep up the good work!

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