The Completionist’s Response Is The Worst Thing Ever

The Completionist’s Response Is The Worst Thing Ever

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The Completionist finally responded. It wasn’t good.

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44 Responses

  1. @karljobst says:

    The Completionist is not a nice guy.

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    • @bill0405 says:

      Not nice at all. Bad Completionist. Very bad Completionist!

    • @_WeDontKnow_ says:

      thank you so much for taking part in making sure this money got donated. it would still be sitting in an account without you two

    • @dominichess3594 says:

      Bro I’m praying this goes to court. It would be so fucking funny to watch this, open and shut case. Started watching you for the DOOM stuff, stuck around for the Justice!

    • @21stcentryideot says:

      Why do you YouTubers always advertise We Todd Ed stuff?

    • @tickleishpickle9269 says:

      i was waiting for this response to the response. ( confusing i know ) but the completionist claimed innocence the same way sam bankman fried did. without going in to crypto crime, basically he said it was an accident, and that those who question accidents are bad people, and that he is still a charity genius. problem is tho…..sam lost his case. you can say you didnt know something for 10 years, but if you steal for 10 years and say oops, and then return the stolen goods….that still makes you a criminal.


  2. @TheRealSullyG says:

    No wonder Jirard said “this will be my only response”, because he KNEW there was absolutely no response to the inevitable follow up video. Absolutely damning.

  3. @ELPRES1DENTE45 says:

    “We’re raising money for dementia research prevention.”

    He was definitely not lying about that part. They prevented A LOT of research.

  4. @JONATHANP1619 says:

    If I had a nickel everytime Jirard says his mother died with dementia, I would have around 655 000$ in my bank account.

  5. @swary9045 says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much, he’s working with lawyers to take legal action against you, just like how he was working with all those charities.

  6. @evvariety7890 says:

    Karl is savage! Bro really said “I’m already getting sued by 1 micro celebrity, why not 2?”

  7. @DrHopeSickNotes says:

    Bravo Karl! He is a classic coward when you first confront him he pleaded ignorant, he even thanked you and asked for your advice on how to resolve it! And now he’s angry and wants to take you to court… What a freaking loser. Most important thing is you exposed the dude and got a vital charity some of their money; hope is that the rest can be recovered. Nice work 👍

    • @azhp42069 says:

      Dr Hope! Love your videos and never expected to see you here, glad to see you standing on the side of justice and facts.

    • @shady_silhoutte says:

      Never expected to see you here… Actually on second thought, considering that this is related to organizations researching ways to prevent dementia, it really isn’t.

  8. @drscruffylupagus says:

    Karl Jobst out here collecting lawsuits from idiots. 🤣

  9. @Z3DT says:

    It’s really interesting to hear a truly enraged Karl Jobst. His tone of voice doesn’t change much, and that makes it even scarier.

  10. @Thundercloud94 says:

    At this point Jirard’s defenders aren’t even denying what he did. They’re saying they don’t care and that it’s ok, which is even worse.

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