The Duel

The Duel

The Duel…

All money from this video goes to charity.


Eret: @TheEret
Squidkid: @imasquidkid
MrBeast: @MrBeast

For a song I made that was inspired by technoblade. We made a music video and uploaded it on my music channel, but I recorded other footage, and wanted to make a video that represents just the Minecraft side of things, and that was extra meaningful to my fans in particular.

This video is meant to represent what Techno & I were doing when we were invited by Mr Beast to duel for $100,000, and then a recreation of the duel itself. This was one of the most notable moments of my life. This is meant to help us remember Technoblade, keep his legacy living on, while also contributing to charity.

Technodad helped make sure the duel captured the sportsmanship the original duel did. The rest was thought up and organized by me and friends, on our own budget to raise money for charity.

I debated putting this on a different channel, but it felt at home here. Back to regularly scheduled Minecraft content.

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38 Responses

  1. Dream says:

    I debated putting this on a different channel, but it felt at home here. Back to regularly scheduled Minecraft content. New Minecraft this week.


    this was a passion project and I’m happy to close the chapter on it, contribute to charity, and say my goodbyes on my Minecraft channel to someone that had a massive impact on my life, and Minecraft.

  2. That1toast says:

    Man Dream was getting ready to fight Technoblade while Technoblade was in a Potato War

  3. cutie cat says:

    Techno planting potatoes while Dream trains really fits his personality of not caring about stuff. It’s something I think we all love about him, and he will always be remembered.

  4. SpitCrafterMLG says:

    Rest in peace Techno, you were a great hero. Technoblade never dies.

  5. Mcytinnit 🩶🌟 says:

    I am crying right now.
    Rest In Peace Technoblade, you helped save so many lives, including mine. You deserved better, but I hope you know that we’ll never let you be forgotten, because TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES.

    Rest In Peace king, thank you. ❤👑

  6. Mysterious says:

    Dream and Techno are just one of the best duo’s ever in Minecraft, wish they could’ve spend more time together to accomplish greater heights.

  7. LuciusofLegend says:

    I bet Techno would have loved this. It’s really funny to me how Dream is training so hard, and Techno is just chilling farming his potatoes, but ends up winning the fight.

  8. Thalina says:

    The beginning of the video with Techno ignoring Mr. Beast’s call and continuing to spy on Squid Kid was priceless. Nothing could stop him from destroying the hopes and dreams of a potato farming minecrafter.
    And Eret scene?! Yessssss

  9. Dani Warchal says:

    Im so glad that nobody will forget techno genuinely and im also happy that stuff like this is still being made for him. Techno never dies 👑🐷

  10. Julia D says:

    This is a perfect depiction of what went down during the duel. It’s comedically accurate and a great tribute to the Blade himself. Rest in peace.

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