The Future Is Scary! (And Here’s Why)

The Future Is Scary! (And Here’s Why)

“AI artists” aren’t artists. I said it.


The Team(s)!

Project Manager, BG artist: Nate


Animator: Annie

Animator / Storyboarder: Corbin Bowman ‘TokukuDude’

Animator: Michazike

Animator: YellowAngiru

Animator: Allen

Animator: Adam

Animator: Xany

Animator / Storyboarder: Tooncee

BG artist: Sam

BG artist: Marrow Maniac

BG artist: Haricz

Storyboarder: J


Animator: John Cates

Animator: Mason

Animator/Storyboarder: Rebecca

Animator: Ryan Dumn

Animator: Ruan

Animator/Storyboarder: Zac S.

Animator: Kevin (Skebbles)

BG artist: Alaina Watkins

BG artist: Becky

BG artist: Rynthie

Storyboarder: Hex

Storyboarder: Motiny

Check out how my brother Brody did the A.I. animation:

Social Media:




Spanish Channel-

Special Thanks: To Jen and Brody for the silly robot friend music :3 and also to BrodyAnimates for editing the audio for me cuz I was busy.

Tablet- Huion Kamvas GT-221

Programs- Adobe animate CC, Adobe Premiere Pro

Mic- Audio Technica AT 2020

Music: lots of Nintendo music lmao

Thank You:
Thanks for all the support guys! This Is a dream come true that you make possible!

Wow, you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend, I bless you with a promise: the robots will kill you last :3

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47 Responses

  1. Haminations says:

    Consider Buying A Gremlin Plush! :3

  2. FollowerofDark says:

    Bryson: finds out he can control the gremlins
    Also Bryson: immediately uses them to rob a bank

  3. Kurao says:

    Brison is an extremely unique creator but I genuinely think the world couldn’t handle more then one of him

  4. Hydrated Man says:

    I cannot explain how GOOD this animation is, it feels like Classic 2D Disney kinda stuff

  5. cookielordpanda says:

    I swear Bryson’s animations get better every time.

  6. Amber Kreimes says:

    Thank you bryson,J,tooncee,Corbin,Allan,Adam,mike,yellow,xany,Sam,marrow,Nate,haricz,and star ani for these awesome animations I love you all and look forward to the future!

    • Nichole C. Duggan says:


  7. Jacob Smith says:

    Let’s take a minute to apperciate the work that has gone into this video

    Thank you haminations

  8. Seapuff Games / Nintenguin says:

    It’s insane how much smoother the animation has gotten over the years, the team did a great job.

  9. Azazel_broski says:

    Please have the gremlins appear more to interrupt things. I like them

  10. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    The thing I hope for most in the future, is that you continue to make these amazing videos that only go up in quality every time. Also, I hope those Gremlin Brysons come back. Seriously, they could be the new mascots.

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