The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records

The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records

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34 Responses

  1. Summoning Salt says:

    Thanks to the following people for help with research! This video wouldn’t have been possible without them. Be sure to check their channels out:


    • hannibal barca says:

      Castlevania 2 Simon’s Quest 100%

    • Alex Lea says:

      I would love to see a video for either an Age of Empires 3 or Command and Conquer Tiberium Sun speedrun history, I think that would be a very interesting video to do because normally you don’t really see Strategy games as being able to speedrun and I bet those records have been through a lot of changes

    • Timothy Garrison says:

      Zoom back and show the entire graph to show all the progress the game has accomplished at the end of your videos please. Love your content and have watched almost all your videos.

    • MarquisDeSang says:

      Don’t mind me, I am only here for the music.

    • Levi Smith says:

      I love everything you’re doing so much! I’d love to see multiple runners speed lines at once. like if two people are going back and forth on the record it’s be cool to see both of their lines at the same time. Maybe the lines show PBs and only get a dot when they WR

  2. 5MadMovieMakers says:

    Love the interviews where you not only show the runner’s gameplay but dive into what was going on in their head at that moment. Thrilling as the audience to not know how a specific run will end while it’s being examined step by step

  3. Riccardo Margiotta says:

    I love the way Salt gradually builds up your knowledge of strats and glitches throughout the video. By the time you get to the final interview with Mitch and he’s using specific terminology for techniques and level numbers, you’re just nodding along knowing exactly what he’s talking about.

  4. Ichael says:

    It’s wild wondering what Kirua’s record could have looked like, or how long it would have continued to last. Even crazier is that, despite a mistake, the run still stood for YEARS. Beautiful run by Kirua

    • Zach Gates says:

      If he’d have clutched out the run I genuinely believe there’s a nonzero chance people would have just bailed on the category until new strats came about. Aside from the perfect execution, the RNG was absurd, the only room to beat it would have been better hammer movement. There’s no way anyone would have wanted to just nonstop grind for that.

  5. Michael Whalen says:

    the fact that it’s been six entire years since his run and Kirua is still in the top ten is INSANE

  6. Jordan Groff says:

    God, I would LOVE to see Kirua make a comeback and see him and Mitch duel it out for a 49 min. Warpless time!

  7. Michael Plantarich says:

    I love that you got Kirua and Mitch to speak with you. It gives such a cool insight into the professionals thoughts during a run. I hope that more do this with you in the future!

  8. Joseph Knezek says:

    That Kirua arc. Truly an absolutely crazy run to end the video on.
    *checks timestamp*

  9. FeliciaIsMaiWaifu says:

    I’m so glad you got Kirua to speak about his run. I love how in-depth your videos are, and no one puts as much effort into research as you, but to hear it straight from the runners is truly somethings special tbh.

  10. Matthew Silver says:

    This is probably your best video to date. I saw Mario 3 World Record and a 90 minutes video and I thought there was no way it would be entertaining the entire time. But the graphic of the timeline plus the interviews with the players themselves really made it interesting and kept wanting me to keep watching. 60 minutes in and I’m thinking, “how can this be 30 minutes longer and still be captivating?” And it was. Great job.

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