Today I will be building a Skybase… in Zero-Build!
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12 Responses

  1. Kieran Lynch says:

    Lachlan is just one of those YouTubers that makes bangers every vid!!!

  2. Rifter Plays says:

    It’s always cool when LazarBeam makes his apperance

  3. Topaz Phoenix says:

    You should have invited Muselk. How could you expect to have a successful video of an impossible skybase without the skybase lord himself?

  4. Ang Zamberlan says:

    Dude I just watched the office tour it looks amazing! Crazy to see you from battlecraftduty to NOW running your own team it’s awesome. Congrats man!

  5. Smithy's collectibles says:

    Always good to see a skybase! Better luck next time boys

  6. MEET_FOOTB4LL says:

    This man never fails

  7. Burger Boy Draws says:

    I haven’t watched this man in a while. Glad to see your doing good Lachy. I remember when I’d get on the school bus and watch ykur vids

  8. CaptDeadmeat says:

    That was crazy and intense. Great idea for a video. Loved it

  9. Brady Smotrilla says:

    This video reminds me of the old chapter 1 days, good creative content with a satisfying conclusion.

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