The Mandalorian Episode 2 S3 BREAKDOWN – IT EXISTS!!

The Mandalorian Episode 2 S3 BREAKDOWN – IT EXISTS!!

As they walk through the mines, Mando picks up a dusty Mandalorian helmet, when he’s captured by a large cyborg with a general grievous looking organic eye. Super cool concept whoever came up with this and then got it approved did a great job. I loved this, had some old revenge of the sith concept art vibes. He moves like Grievous, and is literally just a brain with one eye, the rest is mecahnical. Whatever this creature is, he has some very high end cybernetics, akin to Grievous’s.

Grogu tries to free mando with the force but fails and so Din tells Baby Yoda to go get Bo Katan. Now some people in the live stream chat were wondering why he didn’t say go get Boba Fett, but I would say because there’s less explanation needed with Bo Katan and the fact that Bo knows Mandalore well.
As Baby Yoda grabs her attention by landing, they head in her ship, the Gauntlet Starfighter.
Landing back on Mandalore, she tells Grogu it didn’t always look like this you know, as they land down and go find Mando, heading deep into the mines. Taking her helmet off as she stares at what has become of Mandalore. She says this once was a beautiful city, and that her family laid claim to it all…now it’s just a tomb. She’s quite aware of her surroundings as she pushes Grogu aside and blasts down some Allamites. We see how proficient she is as a fighter and mandalorian as she makes quick work of them without the dark saber at her side.

Heading into the general grievous 2.0’s lair where mando is being held, she fights him and then summons the dark saber as she ignites it and moves so smooth and swiftly around unlike Din Djarin who wields it like it’s Thor’s heavy hammer and he’s unworthy as heck.
Bo beats the creature twice, once in his grievous form, and then again in his mecha warrior suit. The Dark saber is rumored to be more powerful than a lightsaber blade, but who knows for sure in canon.

She seems inspired or perhaps has a nefarious plan behind this but tells Din she’ll take him to the springs he seeks for atonement. Grogu pfffts which tells me he doesn’t trust Bo, he can probably feel her nefarious feelings perhaps.

She says the empire set out to punish them to wipe away their memory of their glorious planet. Bo says what’s painful is not that the empire destroyed them, but rather the civil wars they endured for centuries, leading to the weakness for the Empire to break them.
Bo admits as a child she went to the springs to play but as her royal family would have her do, she would publicly recite the mandalorian tenets infront of large crowds. Mandalorian people loved to see their princess do so. The Mandalorian tenets, also known as the Resol’nare, are a set of core principles that define what it means to be a Mandalorian. The six tenets include: wearing armor, speaking the language of Mandoa, defending oneself and family, raising children as Mandalorians, contributing to the clan’s welfare, and answering the call to action from the Mandalore.

Mando tells her he wishes to have met her father, and that he died defending mandalore. Mando pauses and says this is the way. She realizes how patriotic Mando is, and she seems to like it. I think there’s a bit of a chemistry here perhaps, but a love hate relationship perhaps.

They arrive at the living waters, and it’s a dark dungy looking place now. She reads the plaque and it states that this is the place of the great mythosaur, that mandalore the great was able to tame the mythical beast. It is said that if a mandalorian rides a mythosaur, they control all mandalore and mandalorians. I think it even goes beyond the authority of the dark saber. Personally, I think Mandalore the great is just the new canon version of mandalore the ultimate. Mandalore the Great was an ancient Mandalorian ruler who led the Mandalorians in a series of conflicts against the Jedi Order.
As Din walks into the water and recites his vow as a mandalorian and the creed, Bo looks on in admiration of his loyalty and passion for Mandalorians. She seems like she really respects it, as he recites and walks further, he drops like a sack of bricks in the water all the way to the bottom surface where Bo grabs him and as she blasts back up to the surface with Mando, she passes a GIANT creature, a mythosaur thought to be extinct!

So the Mythosaur still exists. This means rule over Mandalore is still possible if one is to tame the creature, which is exactly what I think Bo Katan will do. She may tame the beast, use it to defeat Din and take the dark saber for herself.

A funny theory is if Grogu uses beast control to tame the beast, making him the leader of Mandalore, or perhaps Din if he tells the Mythosaur to answer to him.

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42 Responses

  1. Kargeths says:

    One of the main reasons Mando sent Grogu to Bo Katan and not Boba is that her castle is located in the same system, so she could quickly come for help.

  2. Tate fox says:

    Bo katan was such a real one this episode. Bitter about her situation and abandoned by her people for not being the wielder of the darksaber but she didn’t even blink when it came to saving Din. Flew to mandalore and rescued him twice. The way she dove into that water was badass. She put ego aside and handled business. I’m officially a fan.

    • something something else says:

      I hope din ignites a belife in the way within her I can see her teaching him how to weild the darksaber


    I think this was one of the best episodes visually. It was shot very well and everything looked like they spent the money on everything. Very well done

    • Josh Hulbert says:

      The must have got a budget upgrade this season cause everything is pure quality.

    • Space Ghost CQC says:

      The Mandalore setting has been teased for so long and it delivered hard. The surface, the city ruins descent, the caves, the cyborg vampire thing, the underwater scene – all looked amazing.

    • Webbed Shadow says:

      Definitely I was impressed with so many good looking shots in this episode

  4. Salvatore Anzalone says:

    I love how bad ass Bo Katan is portrayed in this episode, as she saves Din not only once but twice. And I love how they showed how deadly she is with the darksaber, in comparison with Din. Kathaleen take notes.

    • FBI says:

      ​@Kanzee i think he would have but he simply didn’t as last time he tried she told him the only way she can have it is if she kills him and later on said she gave up on leading the Mandalorians and so she had no purpose for owning the dark saber anymore she only wanted it to unite her people not because it was a lightsaber or good weapon

    • Kanzee says:

      @ScottxKillyou I just rewatched season 2 episode 8 / Chapter 16 The Rescue…
      Moff Gideon says that Mandalorian BoKatan has to defeat Din Djarin (the keeper of the Dark Saber) in combat…, in order to possess the Dark Saber..
      Does she have to Kill him or just defeat him…cause they could fight, and Din Djarin can purposely loose the battle..and get on with passing it on.

      Wasn’t Din Djarin near death twice….the Cyclops creature and drowning in the mythasor waters ?? Doesn’t that give her title to the Blade ??

      I wonder if she left Din Djarin, to die in the waters…would she be in her rights, to claim the Dark Saber then ??

    • Andre Conner says:

      ​@Kanzee he can’t just give it to her she has to earn it through battle

    • Zack Bourgault says:

      ​@Mehrdad Parthian din no longer has the beskar spear the armorer melted out down and mail the chainmail

  5. Toxicity says:

    I love how so far we’ve seen Din REALLY step up and be a dad to Grogu. Teaching him about flying a star ship, teaching him about the history of “their” people…

  6. AlmightyOne says:

    Absolutely love seeing Grogus character development. Seems like he’s come really far from where he started out in season one. He really shined in this episode!

  7. Butler says:

    Man I’m so glad this didn’t take like five episodes to get to. I was extremely worried we’d get a bunch of side mission episodes first. Such a cool episode, and Grogu was so brave.

    • Jacob Hargiss says:

      Thats what I figured given how the first episode ended. And Im willing to bet that was their original idea when making the first episode, because it seems like he does a complete 180 in episode 2 to course correct.

    • Bruhdon says:

      Yeah me too tbh

    • Cerberus Enthusiast says:

      Does this mean this season will be more rushed? Or there will be more important arcs in one season?

    • RuyLopezQB6 says:

      @Nateebanks Developed all three characters through each other toward mutual goals that will have a profound impact on all three characters. It couldn’t be any less of a side episode.

    • file_boi says:

      @The Nobody of Harambe yeah, someone already has told me that, but thanks anyway, buddy

  8. Bernardo Berner says:

    This episode really felt like I was watching an actual Star Wars show, the shots, the transitions, it all really felt a bit more Star Wary than other episodes

    • Dillon Nikolaus L says:

      @Kyle Tbf he did say ‘previous episodes’. Sincer E2 was only released yesterday there’s only one other released this season so far. It’s sorta self-explanatory xd.

    • Kyle says:

      @Bernardo Berner then say that. The end of your comment is vague. Not my problem you’re the supposed *genius* who failed to specify seasons whilst also being confused between the definitions of both the words ‘episodes’ and ‘seasons’

    • Bernardo Berner says:

      @Kyle I’m talking about previous season’s episodes you genius

    • Kyle says:

      Other episodes? What, like the only one before this one? 💀

  9. Charles Whittaker says:

    Great episode!

    Bo-Katan had become complacent and cynical about the whole mandalorian culture.
    Watching Din taking the whole creed so seriously was almost humorous to her because she saw it divide mandalorians for so long.

    She saw all the myths as stories for children and watching Din walk into the water reminded her of how seriously Mandalorians need to take their culture.

    Her seeing the mythosoar restored faith in her culture and values in being a mandalorian. She was taken by surprise and shaken up that all the myths were true by seeing the mythosoar, restoring faith in her culture.

    I don’t think she was trying to trick Din at all (she could have left him but she dove straight in with no hesitation). She was trying to prove a point that it’s nothing special.
    She left realising the myths were true!

    It’s all true, all of it.

    Very exciting.

    Love your content @starwarstheory

  10. C Vadnais says:

    I could see Bo becoming Dins mentor, essentially teaching him what he needs to be Mandalore. I think she’s starting to see that there’s hope in uniting them again through Din, but she’ll have to help him reconcile the differences between the clans.

    • what if says:

      @ThatOneScurvyDog She should help him master wielding the Dark Saber and when he finishes training he should tame the Mythosaur bringing the clans together no matter their differences.

    • Jacob Hargiss says:

      ​@Jax r it didnt take the saber. Din just dropped it. I think when they say you have to win it in combat is that you beat the weilder. This spider thing never weilded the blade.

    • Prisma says:

      @MadChristoph not at all.

    • Bruhdon says:

      @MadChristoph at the very least they should’ve given us a scene of her not wanting to give it back or hesitating

    • Jax r says:

      @MadChristoph Sounds right, it defeated Din, then she defeated it. It seemed intelligent enough to count as an adversary. I really hope it’s her that ends up leading the new Mandalore. She has been far, far ahead of any other Mandalorians we’ve seen as far as leadership and capability. The fact that none of this space faring race seems to have even looked twice at their home planet in decades is just weird. Maybe they had her not claim the sabre to establish her as a worthy noble character or maybe show she really has lost her ambition. Seems like someone’s gonna ride that dragon though.

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