The Pig War – OverSimplified

The Pig War – OverSimplified

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Wayne Gretsky image by Kris Krug
Drake image by musicisentropy
USAF Thunderbirds image by MrGuilt

Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license):

Music by Kevin MacLeod:
Marty Gets A Plan
I Knew A Guy
Outfoxing the fox
Temptation March
Sneaky Adventure
Hard Boiled
Dances and Dames
Fife and Drum
Fast Talkin
Pina Colada
Face Off
Bumbly March
Sneaky Snitch
Faster Does It
Constance The Descent
Exotic Battle
Covert Affair

From Artlist:
Ian Post – Eminence Landscapes
LMOP – The Whisper Man
Stanley Gurvich – Puddles
Alon Ohana – Childrens of Mystery
Kevin Graham – Autumn
Maik Thomas – Bonus Track
Ian Post – Futuristic War
Audionautix – Temptation March

All other music licensed from Epidemic Sound

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36 Responses

  1. OverSimplified says:

    Go to to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk-free with Nord’s 30-day money-back guarantee!

  2. History Dose says:

    Years from now historians will point to this video as the cause of the devastating US-Canadian War of 2022

    • elitelevibes says:

      @Sam Chiu Political crisis with commonwealth and either Britain or America backs down – likely Britain

    • demonic knight says:

      @Jacob Rzeszewski those were British people so not really

    • G Yarddog says:

      @Andrea Surace no the British did and really no one did. It was like two drunks at the bar who shoved each other then walked back to their cars with everyone laughing

    • Barry Bee benson says:

      @Chicken Fox69 Americans to be fair on average don’t have good knowledge of other countries other than stereotypes to fall back on.

    • Darth Axolotl says:

      @G Yarddog the US would be hit a lot harder than any other country and what else are you going to do, let them invade Canada? Try to stop the USA militarily (stupid considering how stupid a proportion of the us budget goes into the military)? Trade veto is the only real option in that scenario

  3. hunterkiller1440 says:

    I was expecting things like War of the Bucket. Like actually fighting over a pig.

  4. World War Two says:

    *1859 [San Juan Islands]*
    Britain: We’re on the brink of war over some small island on the other side of the world dotted by sheep.

    *1982 [Falkland Islands]*
    Britain: Ah shit, here we go again.

  5. Matthijs Calje says:

    I love love love how oversimplified has so many running gags, layers of humor and references to previous videos

  6. Alec Master says:

    It’s so crazy how these videos are getting better, funnier and weirder every time. Totally worth waiting for!

  7. Giorgi Turmanidze says:

    I never thought oversimplified would have released that much energy as much he did in this ending.

  8. Griffin Reed says:

    As an American this is the most accurate portrayal of Manifest Destiny I’ve ever seen

  9. TheNaminagul says:

    And so begins the usual tradition:
    -watch this video like 100 times
    -wait for Mr.Terry to release his reaction and proceed to watch that a few times
    -the pain of waiting 6 months for an other masterpiece

  10.  ShortHax says:

    As a Canadian, is it bad that the only time I have ever heard of the Pig War is because of Hey Arnold?

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