The Rolling Stones – Angry (Official Video)

The Rolling Stones – Angry (Official Video)

A brand new studio album from The Rolling Stones… Hackney Diamonds 💥
Out October 20th & available to pre-order now:

Watch the band introduce the album LIVE in conversation with Jimmy Fallon:

// New album, new music, new era //

Listen to first single ANGRY:

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27 Responses

  1. ConnorTV says:

    LEGENDS is an understatement! The Rolling Stones are so AMAZING!

  2. Good old-fashioned lover man says:

    It’s really amazing seeing the Stones still rocking after more than 60 years like they were in their early days, despite that Charlie is dead. It’s truly a blessing that we can still enjoy them.

  3. Patrick Bowling says:

    My father’s favorite band. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 2 years ago and unfortunately is also suffering from early dementia. I played this song for him and he absolutely lit up!! It was incredible. I’m getting emotionally writing this.

    Thank you Rolling Stones… for putting some life back into my father!!!

  4. Yamil Rivero says:

    El día que los ví en vivo en cuba en el 2015 fue uno de los mejores días de mi vida,me hizo sentir fuera de Cuba,los rolling stones son sinónimos de libertad,esperanza,cambio y juventud.Esa es la razón por la que escucho rock and roll.

  5. T W Kozak says:

    Damn, the Stones were my introduction to rock ‘n’ roll in the 60s and they’re still kicking out great music. Mick makes me feel like a kid at 63. The Stones are much more than mere legends. They embody rock ‘n roll.

  6. leokimvideo says:

    The best song since Start Me Up way back in 1981, phew a long time ago now

  7. Bernard Brown says:

    As someone of the same age, it’s great to see these guys still going strong – an inspiration!

  8. jakport says:

    This is genuinely exciting! As all of rock continues to age for the very first time and takes us all into uncharted territory (as I’ve pointed out before: notice how the jokes about Old Stones stopped quite a while back?), having these guys keep on being themselves is an incredible treat and an honor. Everyone alive today can say, “we were here for that!”

  9. Edith Gonzalez says:

    Simplemente son de otro mundo! Gracias infinitas por tanta calidad! Que detallazo la imagen de Charlie Watts!!🤘🎸🙏💞

  10. Daniel Scaravelli says:

    Que clipe maravilhoso!

    Mais de 60 anos na estrada e ainda produzem material novo muito bom, se mantendo relevantes. Não vivem de passado (que já é mais do que glorioso).

    Não é a toa que é a maior banda da historia!

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