The Worst Christmas Movie I’ve Ever Seen

The Worst Christmas Movie I’ve Ever Seen

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i brought you a present it’s the worst christmas movie i’ve ever seen from the guys who made the anti-masker movie! enjoy!!




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comment “i stan egg nog” ur reading this


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52 Responses

  1. @baralt7882 says:

    You and drew reviewing the worst Christmas movies humanity has ever seen is the highlight of the holiday season

  2. @janetandamocha7874 says:

    The most realistic thing in this movie is the government thinking a video of a woman talking about laws with farmers wandering aimlessly in the background would go viral.

  3. @thebestcayplaysonyt says:

    As a farmer, I burst out laughing when I heard “modern machines save money”, some implements can help but most are way too expensive, you can tell that these people don’t know what they’re on about

  4. @smol_bean6 says:

    Btw, Joshua and his young ass wife announced they’re having a baby. I genuinely think he should go to jail. 🤮🤮

  5. @EaglesFan0815 says:

    It’s so insanely gross that their ‘friendship’ started when she was 14 (~ 8th grade/freshman) and he was 23 (old enough to have graduated college and potentially be living on his own). And the fact that he’s so open about it without any pushback from his followers is beyond alarming

  6. @sethharris813 says:

    Installing a secretary of agriculture that has been secretly screwing farmers is the most believable part of this movie.

  7. @Jabadamazo says:

    It’s pretty funny that a Christian propaganda film has a title that could easily be mistaken if said out loud for “Allah for Christmas”. Glorious.

  8. @Cycloon16 says:

    Fun fact: Mariah Carrey actually has said in one of her songs that she doesn’t like this movie. The line in question is “ I… don’t want A Law For Christmas…”

  9. @gravedigginbih3227 says:

    I’m convinced kurtis only joked about eggnog as an excuse to be naked on camera

  10. @AW-zd1lt says:

    “Silly woman, you cannot be fulfilled by big city career. You want to marry in small town have baby love christmas” -most Christmas romcoms

    • @myriellachance says:

      Yours is the best comment I’ve read so far, and so spot on. “Silly woman. Work no make you happy. See how bitter you are because of work? Meet man to work for you. Be happy. Stay at home for man. Simple life.”

    • @ville__ says:

      Kurtis literally re uploads my vids and has never given me any credit 😑;

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