These 2b2t Griefers Went Too Far…

These 2b2t Griefers Went Too Far…

Today on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, we’ll discuss how these 2b2t griefers went too far, starting one of the largest griefing projects in Minecraft history.
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Additional 2b2t Footage/Information:
5th Column (orsond, rfresh, WarlordN1K)
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Minecraft Griefing Speedruns might be a new low for these players.
2b2t is currently awaiting the 1.16/1.17/1.18 update. Very exciting times!

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43 Responses

  1. FitMC says:

    Get Current and learn more here!:

    • Filip Pohl says:

      Imagine Dream SMP in ruins the prison ewerything

    • Yufeng yan says:


    • Chase the Master says:

      Thanks for sharing it’s crazy how much effort people put into just to grief

    • Chase the Master says:

      @just a friend nice

    • DakDak says:

      Fit, I have some food for thought for you. I highly recommend you make your videos at least 2 minutes longer then 10 minutes, I also recommend you add something related to the context of the video to your pinned comment, not just an ad. Why do I say this? I’ve seen it happen all too often that viewer-bases notice a monitised trend and the YouTuber start to lose popularity, but if you make it clear it’s not soly monitary, it does a lot to increase overall viewer interaction with your channel.

      Anyways. Love the content, just thought this was worth noting. Cheers.

  2. Spooder-Steven says:

    “it’s just a prank bro”

    *proceeds to blow up the entire server*

  3. ShortHax says:

    Somebody start the Soviet march, 1999 has arrived earlier than we could’ve ever expected

  4. It's Small Brain Time :) says:

    This video is actually really important for those who own small servers since it is really informative. The Fifth Column group, I think, should really be stopped from doing this.

  5. Ikeybones says:

    Imagine having no control over your actual life so you have to destroy people’s fun in a video game

  6. Arcanine says:

    they have absolutely crossed the line. imagine being a kid who gets on their server excited to play more and build more only to find it completely destroyed for literally no reason. i empathize with these people getting their hard work destroyed, the griefers in this situation are 100% sadistic and need to take some time off of minecraft if this is what gives them pleasure

    • zyon de vos says:

      @Phoenixreborn19 sir u do quite now that people have an emotional attachment to one of the biggest games in history and spend hours / days on builds to make memories.

    • Jan van Vulpen says:

      @K L maybe he shouldn’t spam the same thing over and over again without actually reacting on people’s comments to him, it’s quite frustrating when someone says something what is in your eyes stupid so you say something back and he just spams: its a game

    • Jan van Vulpen says:

      @John Smith then support it on 2b2t or something and not on a random kids world lol

    • Salt Meister says:

      @Jan van Vulpen I’m saying that the griefers operate on a completely different set of morals to normal people so its no surprise that they would grief a base.

      Also, it isn’t like what they’re doing is such a deviation from their normal habits. The griefers still caused destruction on 2b2t, it’s just that now they’re expanding their means of destruction outside the domains of a single server.

  7. Pixelcraftian says:

    Yikes, what a video, thanks for the warning 😅

    very informative! awesome video 😀

  8. Gavin La Rue says:

    So, this actually happened to some friends and I. We had JUST set up a fresh vanilla server and some absolutely random people had joined. We were able to track what servers they had joined after ours and it was the same thing when we joined and asked about it. Just random people griefing small servers. Luckily we had all of about 10 hours of work on the server and they weren’t very good at griefing even that lol

  9. JustFineDog 🐶 says:

    Those griefers is like that one kid that everyone hates and if you didn’t let him play with you he starts destroying the game.

  10. Fran MG says:

    They only target servers with “No proper backup system”. I believe they’re making copies of the worlds they grief, and then offering to fix them in exchange for money.

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