This Pokimane Situation is Awful

This Pokimane Situation is Awful

This is the greatest creepy employee of All Time
I stream every day

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40 Responses

  1. liul says:

    Saying he was suicidal isn’t trauma dumping, it’s emotional blackmail

    • gheetuio says:

      wow such misandry lol this is why men cant express their thoughts lol. equality for men!!

    • Hagelslag says:

      I’ve met someone who went this far and would tell me in detail how he was going to unalive himself. He’d make me feel guilty for not supporting him emotionally and giving him attention, and eventually started to blame me for his unalive attempts. My mind immediately went to this dude. The problem is usually they manage to keep it not important enough so the police won’t do shit. Why he did all that though? I’m not sure, but his behavior was obsessive.

    • Clock says:

      Both can be true

    • Huff_Puff says:

      ​@I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first you mean like the time she copyright struck every video covering her in a negative light because and i quote her “i didnt want to be involved in any drama”? Yeah shes 100% truthful and has a history of being honest and transparent. Clown. Keep simping

  2. Omaro Taylor says:

    If this employee is as ‘high up’ as she says, then it makes sense that she refrains from revealing his identity. He would have enough resources to file a lawsuit against her.

    • Judge_Wolf says:

      No it does not. That is hurting others. Be brave, do something about it. Prevent it, it can happen to others.

    • Kasey C. says:

      @Higgs I don’t want to just naturally jump to “oh she’s lying she wants attention whatever whatever,” but it wouldn’t be the first time Poki has made something like this up so

    • Ethan Todd says:

      Maybe he has ‘something’ on her? If she leaks the name he leaks what he has left. Classic blackmail situation

    • Alpha Scorpii says:

      @Franciscolas PontualNobody working at twitch is making more money than poki besides emmett himself. She’d wipe him in court, leaking his name wouldn’t do anything if they have receipts, and defamation is notoriously hard to prove. One of the girls could be lying and still not get hit with defamation because it could be “reasonably inferred” that’s what he was doing (Not saying they are lying, I believe them 100% on this one and i’m not a believe all victims person, just saying defamation will not go through) so there’s no reason not to say his name

  3. Sampson says:

    I think it’s interesting how much Charlie is trying to understand this dude’s actions. I don’t feel like this guy’s actions are coming from a place of sense. People like this exist all over the internet in pretty much every community. You just have to be careful. I’m glad to see someone hopefully have some consequences for it. Hope man realizes what he did was wrong and tries to make some positive changes.

    • Alpha Scorpii says:

      @DubsI really don’t think she gains anything from making this one up, but not saying his name makes no sense besides maybe the fact he can’t defend his actions since she has a large platform. Clearly that isn’t her concern, so idk why his name isn’t being leaked

    • Alpha Scorpii says:

      @AshcoolThat actually made a bit more sense, but he clearly didn’t think it through at all. I’m not a master manipulator, but if I was morally bankrupt that is absolutely not the angle i’m taking to manipulate women into loving me

    • Ashcool says:

      @Max Hagenlocher Exactly. And it’s not as strange and inexplicable as penguin is pretending it is. It’s actually quite transparent if you give it a little bit of thought.

      And again, I’m sure he got this as advice from someone who actually made it work. If you’re charming enough to pull it off, this is actually probably very effective.

    • Dubs says:

      while it’s a horrible if true
      i think this video also explains why it might be bullshit
      I wouldn’t put it past Pokimane to invent stuff like this for attention
      so why didn’t she just reveal the name then? what’s the point of that?

  4. CrumblyHumble says:

    I consider myself to be reclusive but not socially inept, when I hear these disgusting stories of these losers who abuse whatever power they have, it just makes me wonder how the hell do they even initiate and get these victims so emotionally invested in them to the point of manipulation.

    • jaimy Vijfvinkel says:

      insecurity can be abused easily if you know the right words. a few of my ex girlfriends were really insecure and if i was an evil person that has no respect for others but myself i could make them do anything i wanted. luckily i like to give them more confidence in life instead of ruining their lives. if you would go to a girl that is being bullied every single day because they are “ugly” and you tell her every single day that she is gorgous she will basically end up being obsessed with you. in this era of internet, everyone wants to become the next pokimane or timthetatman or any big streamer so if you give them the idea that you can make them big, they can be manipulated. saying what the people wanne hear is how you for example create cults…. people that abuse their status or highly sociable skills should be locked into a room with key thrown away.

  5. Negative KDA says:

    This is extremely concerning and highlights the importance of looking out for one another! I’m glad those girls came forward.

    • Marcy Stevonshy says:

      @dbspaceoditty witch hunting would be them releasing the creep’s name and screenshots to the public and also claiming he did worse shit than he actually did

    • Nico says:

      @Higgs Your mother is endlessly disappointed in you, and I’m sorry that you feel the need to take that out on random women on the internet. I hope you can learn to be better, friend.

    • Hagelslag says:

      @Meinkraft They cannot imagine people like this exist so it must be fake for attention. Even though Pokimane doesn’t need any of that plus might risk issues with Twitch, why would she want to risk it. But no, it’s fake apparantly because nothing ever happens.

    • Meinkraft says:

      Why do you think it’s fake?

  6. ren frien says:

    ive seen this tactic before! the fake relationship is there to make him look “unthreatening” because hes taken, and give him something to pretend to vent about. its all about getting into girls DMs and convincing them to chat for long enough to drop workable threats on them.

    • freeze me says:

      @Charis Ginn like poki said
      the guy faked a relationship with her, showing fake discord messages and nude pictures to then vent to the girls in her community about the relationship, saying that the relationship made him suicidal, their sexual life is awful or whatever he could make up to garner sympathy
      if they view him as some sort of a victim, they’re more likely to trust him, be there for him, and attempt to help since he would threaten suicide
      in which, he could twist it to, “oh i’m so depressed, my relationship is making me suicidal. i want to experience something new. someone that makes me happy, and you’re always there for me” and basically love bomb the girls to manipulate them into a relationship with him
      poki said that he would buy them gifts, offer to fly them out, probably offered to treat them all sorts of nice ways is also a type of love bombing

    • Elizabeth A says:

      ​@Charis Ginn he’s trying to manipulate them, make them feel guilty and responsible

    • Charis Ginn says:

      But what is the purpose of the threats? “I’ll kill myself unless you…[?]” I’m with Charlie, I don’t understand what he gains from this

    • Nadia Keaton says:

      oooooohhhh yes

  7. 작은 사람 says:

    Pokimane fans try to not be creepy challenge

  8. Nobody says:

    Okay this is one of the most entertaining moist videos. Watching charlie struggle to understand what’s going on instead of straight dissing the guy like he usually would is hilarious af

  9. goracks69 says:

    #1 trending in gaming. Nice job, Charlie. Bringing awareness in an entertaining manner for all.

  10. Edim says:

    I don’t watch her content, but I gotta respect her for keeping it together with this many creeps she has to deal with basically on the daily.
    Most people wouldn’t be able to deal with it for as long as she has so far and that’s commendable imo.

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