This tiny hovercraft went viral.

This tiny hovercraft went viral.

Hideyasu Ito runs the Micro Hovercraft Laboratory, and I got to meet him and ride his incredible four-bubble hovercraft. ■ The Laboratory: @hideito9042 or

Local producer: Yasuharu Matsuno at Mind Architect
Camera and edit: Julian Domanski

(This video has an English dub available on supported devices. Change the language option to use it!)

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45 Responses

  1. Tom Scott says:

    And that’s the last video from Japan! Thanks so much to everyone I met there, and especially to my local producer and camera op who made the whole thing possible.

  2. Ryan says:

    Seeing an inventor who isn’t doing it for venture capital investment, not for likes on social media, but just because he thinks his ideas will be “fun” to work on is really great. I’m glad to see someone who enjoys what they do purely for the experience of doing it.

    • Martin Finnerup says:

      Everyone wants to do that, but unfortunately that usually doesn’t put food on the table.

    • Xon Discotheque says:

      It’s always good to invent and be creative, so I get it ❤

    • 3nertia says:

      NO CREATIVE, I repeat NONE OF THEM, do what they do for money – capitalism just forces us all to think about the bottomline and many of us cannot afford a hobby that doesn’t at least pay for itself heh

    • YourComputerExpert says:

      That’s actually most inventors, but because it’s not for profit or likes you won’t see those as often.

    • Alucard says:

      That’s what makes Colin furze so good

  3. Elijah H says:

    I absolutely love that the story of how this guy became a hobbyist hovercraft builder begins with “I found leaf blowers being sold really cheap”

  4. Bionic Tem says:

    I love that it’s not like the future of transport or anything it’s just a guy who likes making hovercraft

    • William Knight says:

      I feel like Japan has this cultural history of people finding one particular thing and just really focusing in on it.

    • CreativeCraving says:

      The future of transport is now each of us making our own hovercrafts! 😂

    • Xon Discotheque says:

      Yes, sometimes it doesn’t have to be absolutely on-edge of the trends. It’s enough to be joyful and in the moment.

    • KingBobXIV says:

      @Kain Yusanagi – He’s not using computer fans, he’s using leaf-blower fans (they do make electric leaf-blowers).
      The thing is, for a hovercraft you need a compressor, not just a basic fan. If you could use the kind of fans they have for ultra-quiet drones in a compressor style application, you certainly could quiet this down, but I’m not sure those are really possible yet.

    • Ícaro Bruno says:

      Guy is just having a good time

  5. Chris Davis says:

    This is amazing! I really appreciate people like Mr. Ito. The entire mentality of “Oh, I thought this was a cool notion, so I worked on it,” is so fundamental to human progress. Thank you for sharing!

    • xKumata says:

      @Indigo Industrial We would also have 99% of the population doing absolutely nothing all day. It would be the fall of humanity.

    • Indigo Industrial says:

      If we had Universal Basic Income then a lot more people would be doing this.

  6. Noah Mulgay says:

    There’s a childlike expression of pure enjoyment on Tom’s face while he’s running the hovercraft.

  7. Joe Bleasdale says:

    This guy is the definition of “doing it for the bants”. He’s not here for viral fame, he just wants to make these contraptions because “I think it would be fun!” 😂😂😂

    • kildog says:

      Exactly, it’s just a cool guy messing around in his shed.
      It’s just that cheap modern technology means you can make really cool stuff 👍

    • Brugernavn says:

      @autohmae childlike?

    • autohmae says:

      With an almost child like innocence: “surprised anyone cared, this is just part of my every day life”

    • Andrew Ruppe says:

      ​@Kevin A I’m glad I’m not the only one who has no idea what a bant is.

    • Luigi FF says:

      He’s living the life many people want to have, that of a 19th century inventor, you hang around, build some cool stuff that you like and maybe someone buys into it, otherwise it’s rinse/repeat

  8. Domen Bremec says:

    He tried so hard to speak English as much as he could. What a legend!

  9. Silen says:

    I absolutely love how this person simply enjoys his hobby and keeps making things because he finds them amusing

  10. Greason says:

    “it surprisingly works!”
    Inventors being surprised by themselves is always amazing

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