This Winter Is Going To be VERY Different…

This Winter Is Going To be VERY Different…

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In this video we are talking about how El Nino & warm ocean waters in the Atlantic are going to make this upcoming winter season very interesting…

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El Nino Is Coming: 0:00
The Big Suprise: 2:45
Big Daddy Snowstorm: 4:31
How To Prepare For El Nino Winter: 6:33
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42 Responses

  1. Kim Haines says:

    We have been blessed with cooler weather than normal on the southern Oregon coast. My heart breaks for all the ones suffering in the heat and I’ve had to turn the heat on.

    • Ponolovefarms says:

      It’s been a nice summer in Grants Pass!

    • Char 8a says:

      Thanks for your compassion. Here in Tx we made it through that harsh ice storm with no electricity for several days. Coldest I’ve been in my life. If I had a choice, I’ll take the cold any day over the hot nasty weather..

    • 10 Seven says:

      Some of us love the heat, my house doesn’t even have a heater, Cold weather sucks

    • Kim Haines says:

      @Ponolovefarms Have you had smoke issues from the Flat Fire?

    • Tired Mom says:

      ​@char8a291 we were also without lights in texas. It was so cold I put all my groceries on the porch and they stayed good til the lights came back on. I had my kids in ski pants inside the house. I’ve never been through anything like that. I learned a lot going through that. Now, I always have a battery charged and ready. I have a camp stove and food supplies. I wasn’t prepared during that freeze. And I’ll never be not ready again.

  2. Wayne Z says:

    I’m not a meteorologist, but I could’ve definitely guessed that there’s gonna be a big daddy snow storm in buffalo. Because there is every year. Love ya Ryan

  3. Linn B says:

    The blizzard of ’78 was the one I remember the most. We had so much snow it had to be hauled off because there was no more room to shovel it off to the side.

  4. WinterShock says:

    As a Canadian who lives in one of the coldest areas in Canada, specifically north western Canada, I find this channel very informative. What happens in the states weather wise affects what happened up here. I’m concerned with the fact that it’s going to be warmer this winter because that can mean way more ice. My town doesn’t plow roads in the winter for some stupid reason and it becomes a huge problem in the spring when 3 feet of snow melts unevenly. I just don’t want more problems during my 8 months of winter. The extra slickness on the roads can mean less truckers will want to ship out here which will mean I’ll have to take extra risks just to get food. I could use the snowmobile to get to a cheaper grocery store but my sled is kind of broken and I also don’t want to haul any delicate cargo in their either like eggs.

    • Wrongfoot Mcgee says:

      you dont sound like you should be so far out
      maybe consider moving closer to stuff

    • WinterShock says:

      @Wrongfoot Mcgee I’m moving even further out, further north as well for work. Thankfully the town I’ll be near actually plows it’s roads in the winter.

  5. bruh says:

    Ryan I am 14 and I love the weather! I cant wait to be a meteorologist in the future! I know so much about it and I watch it ALL the time.

    • Debra Zawlocki says:

      Congratulations! Study hard! And, study weather patterns as Ryan does, as well as geological events (i.e. volcanic eruptions) that significantly affect weather. The g-in-dc love to tax everyone using climatecrisisfearmongering and often lave out the facts.

    • Megan L says:

      Sweet! Keep it up ❤

    • Capoe3 says:

      Math, science, math, science. Keep those two and a love of what’s going on with the weather on a macro and micro level and you’ll be awesome.

    • Liam Copich says:


  6. MCR Nursery says:

    The biggest storms I remember personally were in NC. The F3 tornado of 1992, hurricane Fran of 1996, the snowstorm of 2000, and the ice storm of 2002. All central NC. The tornado flattened a whole forest and killed someone. I was a few miles from where it hit at the time. Fran came through and knocked down so many trees and there was evidence of a tornado not far from where I was. I slept through about the first half of it. The snowstorm dumped about 22 inches of snow where I was. The ice storm left an inch of ice on everything and I got to hear and see what it was like for transformers to blow all over the place. It was dark and cold during that ice storm.

    • Wit, Twit says:

      It was so nice out the day before that ice storm.. had all my windows open

    • Cheryl Henderson says:

      Lifelong Chatham County resident 👋🏼 and I remember all those iconic weather events.

    • J W says:

      Man, the ice storm that hit KY back in February 2021 was horrible. We spent a total of 14 days out here without electricity. The night that it got the worst, I was outside in the dark trying to clear the walkway in front of our front porch so our sick, elderly dog wouldn’t slip on the ice. I live in a national forest and all I could hear was the sound of ice tinkling as it fell and the sound of trees exploding. I was outside for an hour or so and every 5-10 seconds I would hear these enormous cracking and crunching sounds and then a huge crash, as trees that were so covered in ice that they collapsed, hit the ground and shattered.

    • Mark Cook says:

      I think 3 years ago about 17 miles from my home we got 21.5 inches snow in like 16 to 18 hours time period. That a lot of snow for mid WV.

  7. LiL Spence says:

    I live in BUFFALO, NY where we had such a severe blizzard last winter that 58 people died, Some were direct neighbors. Very sad winter 🙁

    • SimpleeKomplex says:

      Very sorry to hear that 😞.

    • ScarraMakesMeMoist says:

      Was wild to me reading about it I’m 45 minutes away in Hamilton Ontario and we had just a couple inches of snow from that same storm while your city got buried. Hamilton seems to always dodge the big snowfalls.

    • Briggsian says:

      @ScarraMakesMeMoist That lake effect is wild

    • Trout Miester says:

      Lake effect is a different animal

    • Ernest Williams says:

      Every time I hear stories about blizzards, I always think about those people who live in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. The snow totals reported from those areas are only eclipsed by the high mountain passes in the west where hardly anyone lives. So it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. stay hearty.

  8. Susie Bruffett says:

    It would be interesting to see if this setup means not just big snow events in the northeast US but, also big time Ice Storms in central US. Reminds me of the setup in 2005-2007. In Kansas we had Ice accumulations of 4-6” in 2007.

  9. fishin mortician says:

    I know that we here in Northern California have relatively boring weather, but could you toss us a bone once in a while and let us know if we’re gonna get any rain or snow beyond the normal? Thanks for you and your team Ryan. You were our “go to” when we were traveling the south last June. 4 Days after all those Tornadoes that were popping off, we had a trip planned right through the heart of that area.

    • Ryan Lazalier says:

      Not sure where you live but the rain never stopped all winter last year in Nor Cal and the snow kept falling for 4 months straight up here in Grass Valley to Tahoe. 47 ft accumulation

    • Redpoppy says:

      @Ryan Lazalier Yeah that rain was something else here. I drove by so much farmland that was compleately flooded with water over 10 feet high when it is normally bone dry. And don’t get me started on the closed roads near rivers or drain canals.

  10. Jeff Of The Mountains says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Winter 2023-2024 goes in Utah. 2020-2021 was dry, 2021-2022 was better, 2022-2023 brought us the second-biggest snowstorm in the state’s history since 1896 (when Utah became a state).

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