Tom MacDonald – “Scars”

Tom MacDonald – “Scars”


WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald

SHOT and DIRECTED by Nova Rockafeller

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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28 Responses

  1. Zero says:

    Everything he drops hits me different, but this one hit me right in the heart

  2. Bethany Ann says:

    I’ve been in the HOG family for about a year. I love Tom’s music and feel a part of something special. Now this song opened the depth under all my scars. Recognition of the scars we have (visible or within) helps to heal. That what didn’t kill me, made me stronger…I felt pain from my scars within and memories of a long ago time when I didn’t want to live and wear them on my wrists. Thank you, Tom, Nova and the HOG family. We need each other and we’re a family because we are real and woke. I love this song. Much love 💘

  3. Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW says:

    As someone who spent years of my young life partying, making friends, losing them, fighting and finding trouble.. then meeting my husband and walking away from that life. That’s how I feel about my tattoos and scars. They are my story and this song freaking hits hard!

  4. austin dickinson says:

    I feel like this one was wrote for me, ive got scars from being a kid, scars from being a Marine, scars from being an adult, this one hits hard man. Keep up the good work man

  5. INK SCARS says:

    Amen Brother, couldn’t agree or feel this song personally more than I do. Much love, much respect 🙏🇺🇸

  6. KvonComedy says:

    Acoustic guitar now, too? This guy has more talent than any other rapper working today & has the scars to prove it!

  7. Jayden Hartman says:

    Definitely wasn’t expecting a monster drop like this…Tom, your songs have been getting better and better since Snowflakes

    You give me something to look forward to. keep up the great work

  8. Our AZ Family - M says:

    This is awesome & always from the heart. We all have scars, you embrace them and move forward. That is pretty damn powerful! Great job to Nova for the cinematography and all she does to make the videos true art. ❤️ You put everything into the music and it’s appreciated. My disabled combat vet feels it every step of the way and his therapist at the VA, thinks your lyrics are art. She’s right.

  9. Matt The Mortgage Guy says:

    10 years clean. This one hit different. Grateful for life everyday, my heart bleeds for all those who couldn’t find their way out…
    Call to action if you read this:
    Pick up the phone, check in on someone who might need to hear your voice today

  10. Becca Bowker says:

    Been a fan of yours for years now And everything you do and say always gets me pumped. This one definitely hit me in the heart. I have tattoos that cover scars from my past as a drug abuser. I actually overdosed once. I am now 7 years And 2 months sober. Your music keeps me motivated. #hangovergangforlife

    • Allen Cramer III says:

      Becca Bowker you can do it you’re a H.O.G. . I have faith in you for what it’s worth…

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