Tony Hawk Made a Low Budget Animated Movie?

Tony Hawk Made a Low Budget Animated Movie?

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Tony Hawk made an animated movie and it’s not good let’s watch it together








thanks for watching!

comment “those are some mad beats yo” ur reading this


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48 Responses

  1. hermes says:

    i feel like kurtis looked up to every guy in the 2000’s who wore a t-shirt over a long sleeved shirt and could do something mildly interesting

  2. Ava Rose Moher says:

    I’m sorry but animated Tony lying face down is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week-

  3. spy fox says:

    I got bullied into not learning to skate or even ride a bike bc of how “lame” it is to wear safety gear. Huge maturity of Tony to always be seen wearing his safety gear

    • Gray K. says:

      Especially important to wear safety gear while learning to do something like skateboard. *Especially* a helmet. I’ve seen people say that they don’t need to wear a helmet while riding a bike because they’re super good at it, but it only takes one bad fall to leave you with a concussion (or worse).

    • Ri0drawz says:

      ​@Gray K.yehq my mum biked to work without a helmet and crashed onto the ground, skidding her face, left a mark to this day.

    • D Mac says:

      @Gray K. Even when you do wear a helmet things can happen. Look at Scotty Cranmer. He was wearing a helmet; his accident paralyzed him from the neck down.

    • Raicheru 13 says:

      I had nowhere to skate when I was younger. When I was older, I was in a perfect neighborhood for it, and I bought a board and safety gear. But I was too afraid that the younger kids on the street would hassle me about it so I never even tried.

    • arekushisu100 says:

      My partner used to skateboard before developing health problems. She not only admires that Tony is very proactive about safety gear, especially as he gets older, she’s told me that the first thing you learn in skateboarding is how to fall down a certain way to minimize injury.

  4. Nitrolord says:

    Goosebumps actually had not one, but *two* books (one of which was adapted into an episode of the Goosebumps television show) about a camera that could see into the future! One was called Say Cheese and Die and its sequel was called Say Cheese and Die Again. R.L. Stine was truly a genius at naming things

    • Bloop says:

      I wish more movies put “again” in the title instead of “2”. And then for each sequential movie they have to find another way to say “again”.

    • firstname lastname says:

      This almost makes me want to go back and read all of my favorite Goosebumps books lol. It was about 14 years ago, but I distinctly remember the part in the book where the kid saw a picture of his foot with a rusty nail all the way through it. I can see images in my head really well, so the picture I imagined burned itself into my memory, and I can still imagine it all this time later. It wasn’t scary to me or anything, I was just like “lol that’s wild” and never forgot about it lol.

    • atrapforfools says:

      yes! i knew the concept sounded familiar but i couldnt remember what book it was from

    • ThatGirlNamedAngel says:

      Lol i was just about to comment this. I thought kurtis would be familiar with the show since it’s Canadian

    • Plolakopa says:

      What the hell nitro?

  5. Siena Berry says:

    A Drew, Jarvis, AND Kurtis video?? What did we do to deserve this?

  6. Literal Grill says:

    As a literal former circus employee, it was quite clearly to me: “People like their human cannonballs with skin.”

  7. Jay says:

    I genuinely love Larry’s character design. Imagine him drawn in a Tim Burton-esq horror style

  8. Sal Caudata says:

    “People like their human cannonballs with skin,” which is a genuinely unhinged line to write, record, and edit into a film.

  9. Sol says:

    I like how the camera sketch implies that everyone within Kurtis’ sketches actually are identical

  10. Priscila Boltão says:

    I don`t understand how kurtis keep finding the most cursed animations any human could ever conceptualize. I think this is exaclty what my nightmares look like when I take too much cold medicine.

    • Jordan Keller says:

      I have a feeling this was produced at least partially within Canada because this used to air now and then on one of our kids’ channels back in the 2000s. I distinctly remember seeing promos for it and thinking it looked like absolute trash and wanting nothing to do with it.

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