Trivial Pursuit: Try Not To Laugh (Chosen Edition)

Trivial Pursuit: Try Not To Laugh (Chosen Edition)

Who else can make The Chosen laugh harder than himself?



Shayne Topp //
Spencer Agnew //

WHO YOU DON’T SEE (usually)
Director: Alex Tran
Editor: Andre Gardere
Director of Programming, Smosh Games: Spencer Agnew
Producer, Smosh Games: Damien Haas
Associate Producer, Smosh Games: Alex Tran
Assistant Director: Amanda Barnes
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Assistant Art Director: Erin Kuschner
Art Coordinator: Alex Aguilar
Audio Mixer: Greg Jones
Camera Operator: Darren Kho
IT: Tim Baker
Art Department PA: Oliver Wehlander
Production Assistant: Joshua Dozier
Dir Of Photography: Brennan Iketani
Dir, Design: Brittany Hobbs
Designer: Ness Cardano
DIT/AE: Matt Duran
Post Production Manager: Luke Baker
Production, EVP: Zoe Moacanin
Production Manager: Amanda Barnes
Production Coord: Heidi Ha
Production Assistant: Marcus Munguia
Senior Manager, Channel & Strategy: Lizzy Jones
Talent Coordinator: Selina Garcia

Smosh Pit:
El Smosh (Spanish Dub):


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29 Responses

  1. Benjamin Naman says:

    The only person who can challenge the Chosen, is the Chosen.

    And the winner will always be the Chosen.

  2. ScreamsOfPain says:

    Love when shayne tries not to laugh and he just goes “puh puh puh 😐”

  3. Bryton Luxton says:

    Spencer is so fast with his jokes, and they’re always brilliant. The NBA one and the crumb cake one, holy shit

  4. Charlotte D says:

    spencer making shayne laugh more on shayne’s own questions is so good

  5. name33 says:

    spencer and shayne crushed this video, but nothing made me laugh harder than thinking about ian saying “i gleeked on it”

  6. Jessica Lewis says:

    I want Angela and Damien on this, they get each other’s humor so well and I think it would be absolutely bonkers

  7. Scotty Gordon says:

    Can we just acknowledge Spencer’s absolutely hilarious comments right AFTER he loses? Honestly *impressive*

  8. Ronan MC Hugh says:

    “I hear it’s like the WNBA but all dudes” absolutely killed me. Spencer Agnew is a genius

  9. Nicolas McGuire says:

    Spencer continues to be the funniest person at Smosh. Bangers like “I can’t believe Neo beat up Boo Radley” are unparalleled

  10. MikeLtheHook says:

    You know, I really did think the Chosen would win but when the Chosen over took the Chosen, I was suprised. Well done Chosen and better luck next time, Chosen.

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