Trixie Puts Brittany Broski in Drag (Again)!

Trixie Puts Brittany Broski in Drag (Again)!

Trixie and @Brittany_Broski are together again for Trixie’s second attempt at putting Brittany in drag. Nonsense ensues.

To see the other part of their hang out, go to Brittany’s channel:

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50 Responses

  1. catcat says:

    Y’know, I didn’t think Trixie could top herself after Marcia Marcia, but this might just be the least symmetrical makeup she’s ever done 🥳

  2. I Left My Panties in São Paulo says:

    Trixie: It’s always so symmetrical when I do someone else’s face
    Brittany: 👁️

  3. Jessie Roach says:

    Trixie getting high on edibles and going to Dave and Buster’s alone for an afternoon of nachos and gaming is quite literally everything 😂👏

  4. Aaron_M_04 says:

    Brittany is yet another victim of Trixie’s “super even” liners

  5. Chris Dunn says:

    Trixie: “Look straight ahead.”
    Brittany: 👁️👄👁️

  6. Lucy Grace says:

    obsessed with the complete lack of symmetry after trixie was so proud of herself

  7. Noir.. says:

    It’s lovely to see my grandma and grandad together again 😊😊❤

  8. Grace Murray says:

    Trixie gives me confidence that eyeliner doesn’t always have to be even

  9. lily antoinette says:

    brittany just needs to be a judge on RuPauls Drag Race and i’ll be complete. i love brittany and trixie with my whole heart❤

    • esotericPrince says:

      if i was a drag race employee brittany would trigger a primal fear in me and i would do everything in my power to never let her be in the same room as rupaul. i don’t mean this in a negative way i just know she holds a career (or life) ending power within her

    • Hannah Miller says:

      Has there been an internet-based celebrity as a guest judge yet?

    • Marcos Vinicius Lima says:

      @Hannah Miller yes, megan stalter on season 15

    • Abby DiLorenzo says:

      speak on that

  10. Shiraiame says:

    Trixie’s accent came out SO STRONGLY when she said “diet coke” I had to rewind to listen again.😂

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