Visiting Aunt Cathy!

Visiting Aunt Cathy!

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39 Responses

  1. Dansida says:

    kai is genuinely a good person, not just acting to be one. Gather below if you love kai

  2. Madd Max says:

    You can always tell someone’s respect for their elders by how they act around them. He’s still himself but there’s no cussing, he’s extremely respectful and has life long love for her. This is the content I love to see

  3. D’Aydrian Harding says:

    Missed seeing a vlog from you dawg, keep going 🚀

  4. Zayboogie says:

    The fact he didn’t record when he first saw her shows Kai is genuine human being W Kai

  5. Zahriah Henry says:

    i love how kai gave that kid a hug like he was gonna pick him up🤣

  6. Kiyah Taylor says:

    The way she calculated the prices of the laptop and DS😩 She doesn’t even realize that what she’s done for Kai is priceless…with his mom being a single mother of 4 it’s possible that he would not even have been able to get the laptop which could’ve led to him going down a different path and losing his passion for content creation…or he could’ve been stuck in the city and ended up hanging with the wrong crowd…without Aunt Cathy, Kai probably wouldn’t be the amazing, top streamer/YouTuber that he is today and no amount of money could ever be enough to pay her back for that! We love you Aunt Cathy 💜💜

  7. Uzi says:

    Aunt cathy seems so genuine i’m glad kai was able to go see her again because people like that are actually rare

  8. bryan zoom says:

    Kai definitely has a charisma that is very rare in people these days, such a precious video!

    • King 0n1 says:

      Or you just don’t go outside enough… but sure?? Let’s assume everyone’s just some hikikamori from a bad anime.

    • Abdul H says:

      @King 0n1perhaps you don’t go outside that often

    • King 0n1 says:

      @Abdul H if you really think that generally people nowadays have no charisma and the only place you can find it… is Kai? Than “perhaps” you need to go outside and interact with your peers more.

      Not saying Kai doesn’t have charisma, he absolutely does but to say damn near no one else does is actually f-ing insane and is screaming incel to me.

    • slaying fire says:

      @King 0n1 that is not what was said at all. They mean kai has a special type of charisma you rarely see in others today and its true. not that no one charisma at all.

    • insulate says:

      @King 0n1 It’s pretty rare to find a PURE person with charisma… Psychopaths & Sociopaths are everywhere and have this amazing ability to put on fake charm, this man Kai is neither of those. He’s a solid dude and It’s truly rare to find people like that these days…

  9. Maria Sharapova says:

    Kai and those AMP guys are so humble. Definitely this video should explain why Kai does this for. His support, family, and mostly himself. God loves you guys don’t forget 🫶🏼

  10. Maria Sharapova says:

    Aunt Cathy is part of the reason why Kai Cenat is who he is. You had a dream and she helped you in anyway she could. She doesn’t even realize what a legend you are.

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