We Built a 1300HP Hellcat Jet with Twin Turbos

We Built a 1300HP Hellcat Jet with Twin Turbos

We Built a 1300HP Hellcat Jet with Twin Turbos. We insalled a twin turbos on our supercharged hellcat and cannonballed across the country to finish it in time for roadkill nights.

Special thanks to the below guys!
hellion turbo Kit: https://www.hellionpowersystems.com/
Barth tuning https://barthtuningstore.com/
turbos: https://www.precisionturbo.net/

Merch: https://westengw.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westengw​​
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/westengw

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49 Responses

  1. Mike Banks says:

    Twin charged hellcat that’s epic for sure. Your gonna smoke the competition with that build!!

  2. evil says:

    What an absolute legend

    • F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ says:

      I shall still get there in good time🍦🥡🥠🥟🍡🍥🍤

    • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó says:

      ‘Good day, Little Red-Cap,’ said he.💖💕💔💓❤️💘💋

    • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó says:

      she is ill and weak, and they😭😢😤😟😞😖🙁

    • Seth’s Gaming Channel says:

      Man U are everywhere

    • Howdare Yuu says:

      He’ll be a legend when he puts an AWD drivetrain on it so it can actually take off without burning a set of tires off. When are we going to smarten up and make these high powered muscle cars with an AWD option so we can actually grip the pavement and start smoking the arrogant pricks and their overpriced imports?!?! I’m tired of being ridiculed and made fun of!!!!

  3. Ridhaa De Long says:

    Westen: in awe about the car making 900+hp
    Tuner: yeah, we’re not done 😂

  4. MDC says:

    “Just don’t let it fall off the trailer.” – Spoken like a true father.

  5. Westen Champlin says:

    It may not look it from the video but this car took quite a bit of time/work to build. If we somehow we end up winning this Roadkill nights event John (Hellion) and Tim (Barth Tuning) deserve a hell of a lot of the credit helping making this thing possible. Special thanks to them!

  6. ralliart_ jerry says:

    I love how he isn’t just diesel swapping everything but I would love to see a other flummings build like the gold old days

  7. Tenbrickshouse says:

    Western the feckin champ, I rate the come up for this geezer, I’m glad he’s getting the recognition from companies to pursue his dreams, and provide us the entertainment on his journey, much love big man 💪

  8. Judahs Garage says:

    Sickest sounding hellcat I’ve heard . Honestly didint know you could run twin turbos with a supercharger 😂 insane

    • Sy says:

      Twincharging has been done on a lot of stuff. Even factory stuff from the likes of the Lancia Delta S4 homologation right on through to the Nissan Micra (Nissan March) Super Turbo. VW also do twin-charging on their 1400cc TSI’s in the VW Polo. Each system makes up for the shortcomings of the other and its a great way to get a load more response from smaller engines. Volvo also like to do it in their T6/T8 models. The T5’s are normally just turbocharged but for the T6’s and T8’s, they added a supercharger to create an extra 140ftlbs of torque down the low end. Volvo also set the turbocharger to activate down at 1500-1600rpm which allows the engine to maintain peak torque all the way from there up to 4500rpm. Also, because of the setup, the XC60 with an engine in the 304-horsepower T6 trim can earn 29 MPG, which is a 50% increase over the fuel economy of a V8-powered XC90. It’s also has more low-end torque than any other 2000cc 4 cylinder out there. 🙂

    • Lachlan Mason says:

      Volvo does single turbo with supercharger from factory

    • Aiden Walsh says:

      @daexion I think you said it a lil backward I thought you get the initial boost from the turbo and the mor linear boost from the charger

    • Justn Saliga says:

      A lot of volkswagens from the early 2000’s came stock with Twin chargers super charger and turbo on the same motor the idea was the supercharger being belt driven and has instant boost handles the first half of the power band and the turbo since it needs to spool handles the 2nd half

    • NoctisIgnem says:

      @Aiden Walsh nah the charger is the instant down low power and the turbo’s take over in higher rpm

  9. Lateef Carrere says:

    Tim Barth: “Don’t let it fall off the truck.”

    Something tells me he’s seen your videos, lol!

  10. Tavarish says:

    oh hell yeah!

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