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  1. Angel Alicea says:

    I just felt the same emotion when she said she’s pregnant as I did when they told me I was a uncle for the first time , soooo happy , ps I’m 20 years old , congratulations !!!!!

  2. Madelaine Thomsen says:

    Woah before you said you thought it was a girl, I had the same thought.. Try peeing in a cup and put baking soda in it if it foam its a boy and if not it’s a girl.

  3. Jacob Franco says:


  4. Jarl Lillebø says:

    “My friend Jess” is Joe Nations girlfriend right? The cameraman on Phils channel?

  5. Curtis Rawsthorne says:

    Roasting liberal gender identities, Phil you are the luckiest guy!

  6. Fabulous Killjoy says:

    Damn y’all and Phil have been fuckin

  7. Charlie Floyd says:

    They had sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. IAmTheRedd says:

    I live in Michigan, sorry for giving you our germs, lol

  9. Calum Inchbald says:

    Guess Phil really filled her in ?

  10. scionpaul says:

    My wife is pregnant too, we are due September 23. I’m happy for you and congrats.

  11. Elly Waller says:

    KNEW IT!!! You didn’t have wine while cooking AND you didn’t drink at your own super bowel party!!!! knew it knew it knew it, I just won a bet!! Oh and congratulations!

  12. Kendall Hopkins says:


  13. justine mckinzey says:

    sounds like you’re carrying very different from trey..definitely maybe a girl on the way ?

  14. Penguin Leader says:

    awe. they’re so cute! congratulations

  15. Regina Philangee says:

    Awww congrats! ?
    As long as he/she is healthy inshallah:)

  16. Helpfulreality says:

    my sister is pregnant, with her second child and its a boy

  17. lindsey cassano says:

    i also feel like it’s a girl

  18. N Jones says:

    Yayy Congratulations! I’m so so happy for you! I can’t wait to see Trey with him/her.

  19. jimmymustardface says:

    I guess we’ll both have a brand new addition about the same time.

  20. hamsterpaj111 says:

    I really hope this isin’t fake news

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