Wish – Is It Good or Nah? (Disney Review)

Wish – Is It Good or Nah? (Disney Review)

Schaff wishes he could be watching any other Disney film rn

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46 Responses

  1. Natalie England says:

    Disney really wanted to push toys for this one. I was in the doll aisle of my local Walmart, and Wish dolls were already lining the shelves. I hadn’t even seen a single trailer on YouTube or TV. Were they hoping kids would just automatically want them because they were Disney, not caring that they hadn’t seen the movie yet? Not only that, but they were really cheap looking dolls. They looked rushed.

    • Katsfire says:

      Same! I saw an entire cardboard cutout and a whole clothes rack dedicated to this film with pjs and clothes. my first thought was ‘is this film even out yet?’ I bet parents are gonna see thats its disney and just buy it for their kids anyway without thinking much of it bc ‘disney good’.

    • boeneca says:

      there are other doll lines out there that do better even when the story isn’t their main focus but even then, their webisodes and dedicated movies were still as engaging, take monster high and ever after high (sad to say that eah was cancelled)

    • Trikki says:

      ​@Katsfirei have an aunt like that. Wealthy, takes annual trips to Disney world.

    • Katsfire says:

      @Trikki well I hope you liked wish lol

    • Green Dorito Man says:


  2. Moonlight Robbery says:

    I was under the impression that Asha was Magnifico’s daughter at first, and I thought that it was a really neat twist to have the villain be the Princess’s bio parent and not stepparent. Apparently that was too much for Disney.

  3. Madison F says:

    “i let you live here for free and i don’t even charge you rent” was the most frustrating line for me. you wouldn’t be charging someone for rent anyways if they were already there for free!!

  4. Jonathan Collins says:

    Do you know Walt Disney himself, and the company itself through 2010, would allow the writers MONTHS to work out the stories? Walt once threw out six months worth of work by his storyboard artists/writers when it became apparent to them and him the direction of the film wasn’t working. (Pinocchio was delayed because they weren’t happy with the character design). A writer on Toy Story 3 took six weeks to unknot a story problem and everyone was cool with that and liked his solution. Now, things are rushed through to feed the content pipeline and there’s no time given to put something aside, ponder it, and rework it if necessary.

  5. BellringerMal says:

    Honestly, the “fix” for this movie sounds very simple to me.
    1) Make both the king and queen evil. Villains need to bounce off someone, either a sidekick or servants (Iago, the hyenas, Lefou) and we never had a evil couple before, if we exclude Scar and Zira that never share screentime anyway since she’s a later addition.
    2) Make the protagonist a kid and not a teen. No one will believe her when she finds out the evil plans of the rulers, which immediately makes the conflict more interesting and engaging than “adult quirky protagonist with a billion forgettable friends”
    3) the star HAS to be a person. The star should’ve been the Princess/Fairy god mother type. That is what it was always intended to be since its inception in Pinocchio and Princess and the Frog paid a lovely homage to that by naming the star Evangeline. It writes itself: in the end, you have a kid helping this magical star-person who nobody believes in anymore (because the king and queen stole her wishes away) restore her power and save the day.

  6. Lospereye says:

    To quote C.S.Lewis, “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children isn’t a good children’s story in the slightest.”

  7. 45darkrai says:

    From what I remember, there were original plans where both the King and Queen were meant to be evil together. Honestly, it would have been engaging with Disney to have an evil couple.

    • Leroy Jenkins says:

      Yep. Imagine a couple of the natures of Magnificient and The Horned King. Two evils who first fight together and then maybe fight each other. Two menaces both terrifying in their own right -Magic and Poison. Mind control and Control of Nature (or whatever else you could imagine). The entire movie just you bibbering at their shadows, with a Fantasia-style climax and happy ending.

    • Axolotl Fairy says:

      I have a big soft spot for the trope of “evil couple who are sappy and in love but still evil” so damn that would’ve been FUN

    • PuzPot1390 says:

      King Magnifico’s fate made him slightly more interesting due to the implication of his true identity within the wider Disney universe (read more for spoilers). However, an evil king and queen scheming together as a couple is definitely something I’d like to have seen them experiment with.

      For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, King Magnifico is implied to be the Magic Mirror from Snow White. It looks like the writers were trying to tie everything back to Disney’s very first animated film, which was fitting for the centenary.

    • Ribotto Studios says:

      @PuzPot1390 His fate is both interesting and terrifying when you think about it. I was thinking about that on the drive home like “wow omg that’s such a cool idea to tie it all togeth-OH MY GOD HE’S LITERALLY IN A MIRROR FOR ALL ETERNITY TF” lol and oh my god ASHA BEING THE “FAIRY GOD MOTHER”! That is also very nice way to celebrate the centennial too. Her cloak immediately made me go “ohhhh. Ohhh. Nice.” lol

    • S. Wu says:

      But would it be as good as in P&F where Alt. Dimension DoofxCharlene pretended to be divorced out of convenience and financial gain?

  8. Audrey Hatch says:

    its crazy bcs the formula of the Disney renaissance movies that the movie is trying to follow is literally designed to follow the beats of a musical (i.e. an “I want” song, a villain song etc.). The songs usually focus on one or two chrs or a group at large and gives us their thoughts, feelings, dreams and motivations, etc. they are fun and move the plot along. and the good songs don’t grind the story to halt they enhance the movie bcs they give the audience a better understanding of the chr. the formula is literally built to be a musical. its wild that disney didn’t realize that by switching the songs/writers to pop would completely ruin the flow of the story. and like why tf would they change the formula?? its not like the studio can claim that the style wasn’t popular anymore, we don’t talk abt bruno literally was number one on the billboard hot one hundred for weeks and was the opening number at the Grammys like?? out of all the movies disney has relaseasd in the past two or three years this one confuses me the most bcs it seems like no one rlly wanted to make it they just wanted a princess movie for their 100th anniversary film that would be bland and palatable enough to the masses to claim it was a success and they didn’t actually care abt making a movie that represents the amazing work that disney has made (when they were making movies bcs they felt like they had smth meaningful to share imo) idk its crazy to see how far disney has fallen and I hope they get their shit together soon

  9. Jeremiah Noar says:

    The crazy thing is that it’s not for the lack of resources. It’s the largest entertainment company in the world. They could hire any talent anywhere around the world when ever they want. And this is the extent of their imagination when matched with their virtually unlimited resources.

    • Amapola says:

      You know, your comment really made me have this small realization. Maybe having unlimited resources is stalling them. Limitations can be good for creativity, and it’s not like they don’t have them, but they’re the most powerful entertainment company in the world, so maybe they’re the closest to “unlimited” we’re ever gonna get.
      They also can get all the top talent they want but if they overwork them and give them no time to properly flesh out their ideas, they’re not gonna have good results either. It really is astounding how they can be so powerful yet miss the mark so much.

  10. RavenStarMedia says:

    The original plan for this movie was for Star to be a shapeshifter with a personality like a fusion of Peter Pan and the Genie, and meant to be Asha’s love interest. And the king and queen were going to be an evil couple.

    I would have preferred that to what we got.

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