World’s Smallest Nerf Gun Shoots an Ant

World’s Smallest Nerf Gun Shoots an Ant

Creating the World’s smallest Nerf gun 5 times in a row. Reserve your CrunchLabs Build Box for the holidays here-

I started a company called CrunchLabs, where we build a toy together, and then I teach you all the juicy physics for how it works. So if you want to learn to think like an engineer and have a really fun time doing it, check out the current promotion where you get 2 FREE boxes at

Thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:
A Shell in the Pit –
Ponder – @pondermusic
Laura Shigihara – @supershigi
Andrew Applepie –
Blue Wednesday –

Special thanks to my friends at BYU – Larry Howell, Brian Jensen, Spencer Magleby, Terri Bateman, Felipe Rivera, Jacob Sheffield, Grant Ogilvie, Bridget Kember, Bethany Parkinson, Aliya Bascom, James Wade, Hunter Pruett, Jared Hunter, Luke Gardner, Ivyann Running, Michael Linder, Brooklyn Peters, Jared Erickson, Austin Martel, Kyle Dahl, Julie Walker, Adam Sanders, Matt Michell and Barret Schoenrock.

Download files for compliant mechanisms that you can 3D print (including a compliant mechanism blaster):

To learn more about the BYU Compliant Mechanisms Research Group (CMR), see

Also, thanks to the very talented group of researchers from the Salk Institute, UC San Diego, and UC San Francisco: Lauren P. Takiguchi, Jocelyn G. Olvera, Amanda L. Wacker, Ryan J. Fantasia, Boyu Liu, and Pallav Kosuri, Wade Shipley of UC San Diego, and Konlin Shen, Roopal Rawani, Amy Cao, Mike Jeffs, and Victoria Johnson.

To read more about DNA Origami NanoNERF Blasters, please visit

To learn more about Pallav Kosuri’s research and to support him in making DNA machines that improve human health, please visit To support his work, click on the ‘give’ button and note ‘Kosuri Lab’ in the comments.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Promotion starts on 1/1/2023 & ends on 12/31/23, subject to monthly entry deadlines. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18+. 1 prize per month: each month is its own separate promotion. For the first 2-3 months, winner may be notified via phone call instead of winning game piece. If a monthly prize is unclaimed/forfeited, it will be awarded via 2nd chance drawing. See Official Rules at for full details on eligibility requirements, how to enter, free method of entry, prize claim procedure, prize description and limitations. Void where prohibited.

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33 Responses

  1. Mark Rober says:

    Your move MeBeast. Get your CrunchLabs Build Box for the holidays!!

  2. Jeracraft says:

    If only school was this fun growing up 😪

  3. Waterjet Channel says:

    This was like those 3D rendering videos that show scale of how big/small things are but it was 3D printing. This technology is mind boggling.

    Also I live in Provo lol

  4. CincyKid1990 says:

    Mark Rober is a storytelling genius. His ability to trick my kids into loving science, math and engineering is nothing short of a miracle.

  5. Helios Alvarado Garcia says:

    We don’t deserve someone as incredible as Mark, he’s such an amazing person and his teaching of random engineering is so inspiring it’s insane

  6. poluefemus says:

    you know you’re screwed when you’re fighting against a guy with not only the biggest nerf gun, but also the smallest nerf gun

  7. Carl A. N. says:

    As an engineer, watching this is like seeing art being created.

  8. Mohamed Sarhan says:

    it’s amazing how Mark uses the nerf gun to hook u into watching and then secretly makes u learn all about scientists who actually deserve the exposure ❤

    • Pallav Kosuri says:

      my students deserve a lot of credit! Lauren, Amanda, Jocelyn, Ryan and Barry were all amazing and helped make this happen! Mark was super down to earth and spent a lot of time talking to all of them – it was really a collaborative effort and so much fun to work together on this project!

    • Westwood Shadow Gaming says:

      @Pallav Kosuri y’all’s micro nerf guns were so cool! Absolutely blows my mind how y’all figured out how to make structures with DNA.

    • QUBI-QUBED says:

      @Pallav Kosuri So is the plan to inject DNA bullets into cells using DNA structures? I love how passionate you are about your work, you have become a great inspiration for me. I can’t believe things like this exist, people like you change the world. Thank you for what you do 👍

  9. Vic Jang says:

    Another incredibly well made video. Thank you so much Mark for being an absolute inspiration for millions of people. I’ve had so much fun watching your videos in the last several years, and now my 9yo son is following the steps and is developing a more and more engineering mindset everyday. Thank you truly.

  10. Max Leavitt says:

    There are now more of the world’s smallest nerf guns in existence than there will ever be just regular nerf guns.

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