Yankees vs. White Sox Field of Dreams Game Highlights (8/12/21) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. White Sox Field of Dreams Game Highlights (8/12/21) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. White Sox full Field of Dreams game highlights from 8/12/21

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49 Responses

  1. Vivek Babbar says:

    Not a fan of any teams but what a game this was. Loved the aesthetics and the walk off win. I hope Sandlot is up next 😂

  2. MLB says:

    What a game!!!

  3. spore chrome says:

    My inner child started screaming when the players came out of the corn field….what a great nostalgic event ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Warriors3011 says:

    So glad Field of Dreams lived up to hype, bc sometimes these big marketed games don’t live up to the hype. Undoubtedly game of the year, one kf the best games ive ever witnessed

    • FattieMcBibbles says:

      It honestly was a best case scenario. Two top teams, a lot of offense, and a thrilling finish. The homeruns grabbed casual fans attention while the setting got everyone else. Glad it wasn’t a dud.

    • g henry says:

      I would watch games on a field like that all year long, not kidding or just saying that either. There’s something more appealing seeing more land, corn fields, and less modernized construction. I know MLB would disagree due to less fan capacity, but watching that pitch black dark sky against those crops with the big lights illuminating the small stadium creates an ambiance that wreaks of purity and innocence.

    • Oodibigah says:

      Better than the World Series

  5. Shohei Ohtani says:

    The movie became a reality. This is truly great

  6. Jake Remus says:

    This was the best case scenario for Major League Baseball. The setting was stunning and 8 HR were hit into the cornfields, including a walk-off to end an epic, thrilling game between two of baseballs brightest teams

  7. Brian Bourgeon says:

    One of the best MLB games i’ve ever seen, and honestly, in history. This game was an instant classic.

  8. Alex Myers says:

    The league needs to market Tim Anderson…first time I’ve watched him play and he’s a gamer and seems like a great teammate too…what a game!

  9. Carson Claws says:

    Unbelievable game at a historic event. Field of dreams giving us a dream game!

  10. Buddy Brown says:

    Man, the score board was ON POINT whoever built it, 👏👏👏

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