YouTube’s Terrible Christmas Movies

YouTube’s Terrible Christmas Movies

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32 Responses

  1. Meg Wallace says:

    Drew can’t even upload on time ugh he’s so annoying I don’t know why I even watch him. Not to mention how stinky he is 🙄

  2. rachel says:

    “he’s like if someone 3d printed a human being” is legitimately the funniest description of a person omg

  3. crystallineLycanroc says:

    Joe looks like someone spliced together John Cena and Jerma in a lab

  4. Feesh says:

    The grandma saying “Why did you give her a choice?” was genuinely unsettling

  5. colleeb says:

    “i only exist within the prism of your love life” was such a beautiful line

  6. io_est says:

    so glad Drew made YouTube so we can have all these quality movies uploaded for free

  7. NotQuiteSam says:

    I’m genuinely concerned for the woman who thinks these actors have chemistry

  8. SapphicSnow says:

    I was freaking out for a moment because I actually guessed $12 for how much he was going to pay her to decorate everything lol.

  9. Eleanor Poppy Reeve says:

    This whole video made me laugh so much I kept having to pause it and rewatch big sections as I kept missing it… you’re too funny drew 🤣

  10. Maddie Sullivan says:

    joe looks like john cena and patrick bateman made a robot kid

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