Yung Miami & Diddy Talk Their Relationship Status, Dating, Love Records & More | Caresha Please

Yung Miami & Diddy Talk Their Relationship Status, Dating, Love Records & More | Caresha Please

In this special sneak preview of new series #CareshaPlease, host #YungMiami welcomes the one and only Sean “#Diddy” Combs for an intimate chat about fatherhood, his new R&B label Love Records, the story behind “Rap Freaks,” the truth about their relationship, toxicity, and more.

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26 Responses

  1. KCHANTE says:

    I love this show already. Caresha is UNAPOLOGETICALLY herself. No money could change her true self and I love that about her!!! Ready for the next episode! 🔥

    • Angel says:

      @Zachari Davis because Americans have collectively dumbed down. Intelligence in the graveyard. I apologize now for the rant im going on. 😁
      Fans dont care about character, intellect, nor negative influencers. Dummies on imaginary celebrity payroll always write” They got more money than you.” Or “So what theyre TERRIBLE people, dey rich.”
      Diddy has ALWAYS been super smart and ahead of the game. He’s making sure his legacy and generational wealth is long lasting for his family. He wants it to eventually be known as old money after he’s long gone. Keeps hisself in the game by linking with someone fresh in it. Thats ALWAYS been his MO. He eats off the ambition of young talented people while simultaneously making them more famous…
      Having a reputation to protect, demands extremely hard workers on his team because he’s a workaholic. He doesn’t care about their personalities.
      Anyway They’re using eachother. Miami is taking advantage of opportunities like she definitely should. This idea that people shouldnt change when they elevate in life is bogus. Our experiences SHOULD change us. But we should continue to grow intellectually, mentally and emotionally. Speaking well and more professionally in environments that require it should be part of the growth for the CARDI’S, MIAMI’S and ARI’S. A lot girls AND young women look to them for inspiration. Can these BAD BTCHES (coined by Trina and later Rick Ross) talk amd rap about something other than then praising their vajayjay, clothing labels, how good they twerk and suck big diks and fcking someone’s man. THE Queen Bee KIM, changed the game with THAT lingo. When are they gonna elevate what Kim birthed 25 yrs ago. Damn at least up the word play.
      She’s gorgeous but sounds immature, slow and ignorant. I actually can’t stand how low black music entertainera have sunken in terms of class outside of entertaining; this interview is bad. Hearing Fuk and other F bombs every other sentence with surface level responses is…
      Diddy is definitely at the age where he’s worked extremely hard and now wants to just enjoy life. She’s still young enough to be doing the same. THATS why it’s working. Shes beautiful, fun and easy. He doesnt have to have intellectual conversations with her. Her expectations will be all material which he can afford it all. This interview coykdve been 1000 times better if someone professional and fun interviewed them together. I still live though that shes unafraid to try.

    • Ola Pinme says:

      All you making it seem like it’s something good that she don’t change her vulgar way and how it’s good that she doesn’t act like a lady ,theirs some things that people should change if it’s making them look bad ,gives a bad impression about her .what man is gona want to take her serious hearing her talk like that ,if you females act like her then that should answer your question as to why no man takes you serious and they just call you to have fun just how she likes to live her life since she kept mentioning that.

    • PYNK PANTHER says:

      Lmfso….can the show last possibly, I can see folks tuning in but to say her true self, she’s how she is because of money down to her look and her really wanting diddy to take her serious which he dosent. It’s a money opportunity and fun for him, nothing on a serious level nor would he take her and that speech he has to an important meeting

    • Nea Tucker says:

      @ALexander 😭😭

    • u says:

      Believe in Jesus. The Illuminati know – God exists.
      I am writing this to enable people to know that the Devil actually exists. But there is hope. Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live.
      Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. John 14:6

  2. Jzon Azari says:

    When I say Caresha as an interviewer got me hooked. I almost rewatched because she was so entertaining.

  3. tinkerbell616 says:

    I just love Caresha’s energy and this interview was great. I like Diddy in this interview and I don’t think he does many, so this was great. They were both comfortable in their vulnerability and it showed they trust and respect each other. She’s going to do great things with this podcast.

  4. Juanita Brown says:

    Ok, so, I love their dynamic.🥰 They slide from friendship to sexual partners to mentor/mentee and back again. He gives his take on life and the industry, and she listens to him. She’s 100% being herself and he’s so down, aint trying to change her. I love their friendship and respect for one another. He just wants her to be the happiest, most successful girl in the game, even if she stopped messing with him tomorrow. This was sooo good! Can’t wait for more. *Subscribed *Notification: On

  5. Ash Cash says:

    I am so prouddd of Caresha! She’s so genuine and her questions are so easy flowing and it’s like a regular conversation. Most interviewers are so busy about getting questions off that they don’t try to connect w/ the interviewee. She’s so much more than just an artist!

  6. Lauren Spencer says:

    She’s doing something right with him.. she has her own show on his channel!! Not a Birkin.. A SHOW!! Shout out to Puff!! 💪👏 #BOSSMOVES

  7. Rochelle Redmond says:

    Definitely gained a subscriber with this! I couldn’t stop smiling at the obvious LOVE in the air. And I love it! I hope Miss Caresha makes this the one! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Savage Lovergirl says:

    This is cute. That energy and tension was everything 😭 I love seeing my people step outside of that box and fully explore their potential we proud of you Caresha keep it up girl 💜.

  9. Kia T says:

    I just finished watching 5 mins ago and I’m still smiling lol. This was everything! From their authenticity, the chemistry between them, the genuineness, to Diddy’s vulnerability with her! There’s not a lot of this in today’s society. I love it, I’m here for it and I am a fan! I’ll be looking forward to the next episode 🔥🥰

  10. SlayedBy Jordan says:

    Will definitely be tuning in to this all the time .

    I love the rawness ! 🔥

    • Shawnie says:

      She really asked great questions!!!! I swear when you hear her voice you know who it is. She’s so unique. 🔥 ❤

    • Eder Malitio says:

      Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 kissmin.Uno qualification m.l.t medical lab technicianf ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Job

    • Life With KASHMEERE says:

      She is the perfect one ! She’s an Aquarius like me 😌😌😌💕

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