⚠️ The Biggest Music Industry Screw Job Ever ⚠️ I cant believe they’re doing this to us…

⚠️ The Biggest Music Industry Screw Job Ever ⚠️ I cant believe they’re doing this to us…

If you want to help us compete on the charts, download our digital album here: https://vydia.lnk.to/TheBrave They try to hold us down but we can win.

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  1. Tom MacDonald says:

    I promise they won’t get away with this y’all! Download “The Brave”. Lets give em the data they want. https://vydia.lnk.to/TheBrave

  2. Bryson Gray says:

    I’m 7 minutes in and this is interesting, but I want to know which data collection agency you were in contact with. I report physical sales to billboard independently every album and initially I had to give them access to the website’s backend, which I did. They’ve never asked about publishing or anything of that nature. They did count the physical sales though, which were in the thousands. I’m sure I can help.

  3. Gareth Evans says:

    Sounds like they’re either wildly incompetent or ducking you around intentionally (maybe both). It’s incredible what you guys have accomplished.🤘

    As a software developer I fail to see why the data collection company exists, maybe a time when they had to collect the data manually, but those days are long gone. It should be automated.

    PS: You don’t need to blow money on YouTube ads.

    • Scott Lovenberg says:

      @phillnick21 I’m guessing they don’t store PII in plain text and those fields are encrypted or UUIDs that reference values behind another service that brokers it.

    • Scott Lovenberg says:

      From a fellow code monkey…
      Those options aren’t mutually exclusive as you noted.

      For the same reason “Breakage” is still a thing they charge artists for? You know, because vinyl breakage applies to digital copies. Apparently they don’t know about ECC.

    • KantKontrol says:

      @phillnick21 I felt so uncomfortable when I heard r
      That lol

    • phillnick21 says:

      As a Cyber Security Research Engineer I gasped when he said he was going to give them access to the back end of their site. Even curated read-only access could be dangerous. I don’t see how there couldn’t be PII there that they couldn’t get a hold of.

  4. michael Pluska says:

    It’s a David vs Goliath moment… The industry just can’t believe someone can be this successful without their greedy fingers on everything thing you do. Keep doing what your doing! Maybe you should start your own music list with independent musicians only.

  5. Smiley willis says:

    Shit! A few of them are so hard core hanging on the left side, that they just can’t fathom someone like you speaking up, and telling what we all want to tell, and they DON’T LIKE IT! Keep doing you, and keep reaching further to the stars ✌🏼👍🏼🙌🏼

  6. emily says:

    This whole situation just proves that you guys are doing something absolutely incredible. It is unbelievable! Yall are making history independently!

  7. Michael Conners says:

    Not only are you an unbelievable musician musician, you have an intelligence about you that is undeniable both through your lyrics and and your fight for causes like this one…

    • Ken O'Hearn says:

      Very well said Michael. I agree 💯

    • Melissa Sellers says:

      We got you!

    • Scott B. says:

      @playable_caricature Then don’t listen. Easy! Also try not to cope and seethe too over Tom’s objective success and and popularity. Be honest. Does it bother you that he’s doing so well? On a scale of 1 to 10 how butthurt does that make you? 😢😭

    • playable_caricature says:

      Fear mongering weak sauce tunes.. 50 songs a year.. hmhmhm.. its quality over quantity.. you’re flooding music with stupid broken records on repeat.
      .. . His music is traaaash

  8. alex summer says:

    You & Nova are INCREDIBLE!!
    Keep up the goodWORK & Thanks for all you guys do 💗


    Well, it had to happen eventually. The “music industry” is terrified of what you are doing. They know that other artists, across all genres, are going to look at you and decide that, if you can do it, so can they. Fight the good fight, brother, you have an army behind you. HOG.

  10. Scott S says:

    Your music, intelligence, passion and drive is going to end up making a real change. We, the fans, are going to keep supporting you. Rock on Tom.

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