“An Era Is Over” – Rich Eisen’s Live Reaction to the Seahawks Trading Russell Wilson to the Broncos

“An Era Is Over” – Rich Eisen’s Live Reaction to the Seahawks Trading Russell Wilson to the Broncos

Rich Eisen reacts to the breaking news that the Seahawks are trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos and what it means for Denver and Seattle’s 2022 seasons and beyond.

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50 Responses

  1. Philip Dawson says:

    The AFC West is going to be an absolute madhouse with Mahomes, Herbert, Carr & now Wilson.

    • Bryan Torres says:

      @coronaflo So last seasons 5000+ passing yards isn’t elite? This is an ignorant comment. Chargers as a team might need some work but Justin Herbert is an elite QB.

    • Familia916kings says:

      @Ryan Rigsby  there’s been several head coaches who failed their first hire, Bill Belichick Pete Carroll Tony dungy Marty Schottenheimer Tom Coughlin, but won and even won Superbowls but keep that hate. 😉

    • R Littlejohn says:

      Best dad ever? Really.

    • Ryan Rigsby says:

      @Unknown McDaniels was hired by Denver years ago and was a disaster. He’s better as a offensive coordinator instead of a HC

    • coronaflo says:

      @33moneyball Herbert has only played a couple of seasons he isn’t elite yet.

  2. Emanuel Mamea says:

    😥😥😥😥 Good luck up there Russ, we miss you in the PNW but we are grateful for time here it was the time of our football and personal lives!!! Thank you for taking us to the top of the mountain, GO HAWKS!!!

    • Truett Johnson says:

      Maybe Seattle can find a QB from Chaz,or a suburb of it!I don’t really no if they will get the guy in the 2nd rd from CSU Instigators or in the 4th from UC Facilitators!!!

    • JDQ says:

      @James8107 I Disagree. The problem is we traded two firsts for Jamal Adams. So effectively we got two seconds and a couple pieces more for a top 5 QB. We are destined to be last in the division until we get another top 5 QB which may take forever

    • James8107 says:

      @JDQ Honestly, you got adequate compensation for Wilson. He’s 33 and is starting to get up there in age. He’s only won 1 Super Bowl and that was years ago with a stellar defense. 2 1sts, 2 2nds, a QB, and a TE plus Seattles own picks during the draft and that’s a great start to rebuild this team.

    • Michael Parrish says:

      @JDQ As a 49ers fan who has loved the team since ’84.. welcome to my world

    • Michael Parrish says:

      49ers mane

  3. Jeremy Beaird says:

    I feel bad for former Hawkeye Noah Fant. Goes from the 4th best team in its division with no QB to…..the 4th best team in its division with no QB.

  4. Brett Burton says:

    This is a heartbreaking trade. But a great trade for everyone. Denver gets their guy. Russ has weapons and a defense again. And we finally get our draft picks back to start properly rebuilding.

    • ButDidYouDie ?! says:

      Couldn’t have said it better

    • Eric says:

      Draft picks with what JS/PC have been picking is going to give us ifedi, Collier, and some other random scrubs. The front office of this team is incompetent and has no ability to rebuild this team

    • Derek Denton says:

      @Jim Brown you two are obviously over looking some things there are maybe a dozen qb’s that can win a Superbowl no matter how many #1 picks you get it doesn’t guarantee you’ll draft that qb to win shall I name a few #1 picks the Seahawks have selected that were busts? Rick mirer, dam McGwire, Kelly stouffer get the picture then the #1 pick this year is the 9th choice no QB in the draft is worth that then next year’s pick will be a #1 but Denver will likely be in the final four playoff teams so it will be a low round pick management fucked giving away so much for Jamal Adams and now they’re desperate if half of those 5 draft picks work out and that’s a stretch it still a bad trade another hall of Fame athlete finishes career outside of Seattle sad 😢 day Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, Kevin Durant, Alex Rodriguez etc.

    • 36090pburke says:

      @ubadman1 locket and Metcalf played better with geno lol

    • Me me says:

      Maybe we can rebuild our defense now. A strong defense, and average QB can do alot. Just look at the 49ers.

  5. Phil Malavarca says:

    Seattle sports has had a lot of superstars that they’ve either traded or lost in free agency in the prime of their careers. Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, Ray Allen, Earl Thomas. They drafted Kevin Durant, then 10 months later, the SuperSonics moved to OKC and became the Thunder. And now they’ve traded Russell Wilson in the prime of his career.

  6. d s says:

    my heart breaks. Russ is my guy. Its going to be a tough season in Seattle.

    • East Coast Golfer says:

      You guys just “Lock’d” in 4th in the Nfc west 😂

    • Aaron Johnson says:

      @California Dreaming I wish you we’re right, but Eason isn’t even close to making it, not even as a 2nd string backup. I watched him play at Washington and was his biggest supporter and was hoping for the best ,but he has a pro arm and nothing else.
      He can’t run at all and has no vision. I wish we would have been able to trade Russ to Chicago. They offered alot more at t he time.

    • ubadman1 says:

      @Eugene Denbrook last season was rough. But russ just had his first losing season.

    • reynarain says:

      @California Dreaming Eason was the number 1 kid out of U Dub flopped in college a below average pro. Its rebuild time behind a poor offensive line and poor gm.

    • Eugene Denbrook says:

      It was going to be a tough season anyway. Russ was 6 – 8 last year, the team was 7 – 10 overall.
      And injury nothing. They were 2 – 3 after losing to the Rams, down 16 to 7 when he broke his finger. They weren’t trending up.

  7. Cole Johnson says:

    Russell Wilson will be coming back to Seattle to play against the Seahawks this season.

  8. Eric Selk says:

    I’m not even a ‘Hawks fan given how much Wilson has terrorized my Cardinals this past decade, and this still feels hard to comprehend. Can’t wait for the Denver/Seattle matchup though at Lumen.

  9. ZeRoCooL71086 says:

    Being a broncos fan, I couldn’t be happier right now

  10. Adam Brown says:

    I’m really curious to see how he does in Denver. As a Seahawk fan, I’ve watched Wilson closely since his rookie season. I do think his play has declined noticeably this year; perhaps related to his relationship with the team. Since losing the Super Bowl, though, he’s been a different payer and a virtual no-show in the playoffs. I’m disappointed that my Seahawks are without a QB, and will likely struggle to win next year, but it was the right move for everyone. The Seahawks got value for him while they could. Wilson is past his prime, and probably has 2-3 decent years left.

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