10 simple Tricks to Not get Divorced

10 simple Tricks to Not get Divorced

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  1. SCS says:

    “A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.” Kudos to Casey and Candace.👍

  2. Woodsman Wanderer says:

    Casey is one of the top storytellers of our time. Its crazy how he can take simple idea that seems stupid for a video and make it into something like this.

  3. James T RC says:

    This is really inspiring. I am 23, I really don’t feel the need/want to be with someone, because I fear being broken and also being forced to give up everything I know/love. But seeing you draw those 3 simple circles was way more powerful than you first intended. Every relationship has always been the big circle with no time to be myself/ourselves, but just maybe it is worth another shot.

    Thank you Casey and Candice! This video has really made me think, maybe there is more to life if we can all find that special someone that is also willing to put in the work.

    • Alaina says:

      You’re still young. They were likely still young too. People are messy for humans are messy. It’s finding that one person who mess you can find joy in and who can find joy in your mess. Offer kindness and forgiveness to yourself and to them. I believe you can find that person one day if you want too or not. It’s up to you to find joy and happiness in life and I hope you find yours whatever it is.

    • The Art Department says:

      @Alainathis comment is so beautiful i had to give it a like. It shouldn’t be overlooked, that’s wisdom.

    • F@СК МЕ! ТАР 0N MY Р1С says:


  4. Biplav Barua says:

    Dude, I’m here after like 6-7 years, and watching Casey and Candace still “working” out things just makes me happy! Love your work and personal life balance dude, seriously.❤

  5. Ivan Ankrom says:

    “We got fired by one of our therapists.” 🤣🤣 I absolutely love when Candace has an active part in Casey’s videos. Keep working on your marriage, especially for the girls. Kids need to see that healthy relationship between their parents.

  6. RepeatYourself says:

    I love when Casey makes real, raw, well edited videos like this. It reminds us, well me anyway, that there are no shortcuts. If you want something, you’re gonna need to make it happen yourself. Both of you, in a marriage context. Lol Thanks Casey and Candace.

  7. John Hill says:

    That was too goddamn cute

  8. FantasticMrE says:

    My grandparents just celebrated their 50th anniversary last week and this video brought up a lot of wisdom I have gained from them as well as thoughts I have had about marriage in my short three years of being married so far. Casey’s Venn diagram made me think a lot about marriage and what I consider important in my own relationship with my wife. I think, if I were to draw the diagram, I would draw two separate circles directly on top of one another. Yes, marriage is two people living together that need space from time to time to express themselves or have their own experiences, but an essential part of marriage is that it takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice from both people to make a long lasting, loving and joyous relationship. Sometimes marriage requires sacrificing the porsches and sail boats and beach vacations in order to become one, whole and happy circle that is two stacked into one. If you are about to be married, in the middle of marriage, or close to being divorced with your significant other, I highly recommend reading “The Meaning of Marriage” by Tim Keller. Tim goes much further into detail about what I am talking about above but in a much more eloquent way, and the book has helped the first three years of my marriage (and all 50 of my grandparents marriage!!) be some of the best years of my life.

  9. conor neary says:

    I’ve always appreciated how real you’ve displayed this relationship, you’ve shown the ups and downs but that real connection of being each others best friend is there. Thank both of yous from the bottom of my heart

  10. Manuel Frager Jr says:

    Thank you Casey for posting this. I am going through a horrible divorce right now on a marriage that I have WORKED on for years. You are right if you work at it it’s so worth it. I realize I’ve been working overtime for someone that doesn’t want to work at all literally walked out of therapy when we went. Now her hate and need to hurt me more is affecting my son and I more than she cares about but I know somehow I will figure out a way to get through this. It’s inspiring to see even with someone that has issues work does help. Blessings to you and your family!!

    • ABCDyeahyeah says:

      Welcome to the club and my deepest apologies. My wife cheated on me after a year of me trying to make it work, most of the times alone. At least I didn’t have a kid with her.

      I get very emotional watching the two of them because seeing the them struggle for years yet continue to fight for their relationship was inspiring, and I feel like I failed.

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