To Our Son

To Our Son

Director Tyler Ross @whitetrashtyler
Editor Dylan Coughran @dylan_swg
Music Jacob Wilkinson-Smith @mybestfriendjacob_

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30 Responses

  1. Roxy Reyes says:

    I love how Stormy is a part of everything. These videos are going to be something so memorable and special for the kids to look back on. 💗

  2. vloggingblonde says:

    I didn’t want this video to end!!
    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us!! xo

  3. Hawraa Albadr says:

    You know what’s dope about this? When her son is older he can look back at this video, show his kids, grandkids and other generations. Great piece!! 🥺

  4. Didintle Mokgoatlheng says:

    I love how Kylie makes pregnancy such a beautiful experience and capturing every moment before her baby is born knowing that Wolf will look back at it one day and realize he was loved from the 1st moment they knew about him. She’s definitely a great mother 🥺🌼.

  5. Jadey Cakes says:

    I love that Kris always, without fail, expresses how happy she is when the girls are pregnant. She always says “this is one of the happiest days of my life” …always. Coming from someone whose mum literally told me she would never be excited for me to have children, it makes my heart both warm and sore at the same time. They truly don’t know how lucky they are.

    • Jessica Carver says:

      Yep, my dad told me he hopes he’s dead before any grandkids. People don’t appreciate what an amazing mom Kris is, they just call her money-hungry. They don’t have a clue

    • P1kiepi3 says:

      Im so sorry your mom told you that! I just want you to know Id be super happy for you to have children if you want them ✨✨ i hope that knowing someone out there is happy for you helps one day 🥰🥰

  6. Nathalie Muñoz says:

    OMG Stormi has the cutest personality. You’re seem like such an incredible mom 🤍✨ congratulations!!

  7. Teri Jando says:

    This makes me cry, it’s so adorable how all his family love him before even see him and how is everybody so excited. This baby boy is very lucky to be born to such an amazing and lovely family. And Stormy will be amazing big sister, I think she will always protect him🥰

  8. Amulya Rattan says:

    Okay I’m so overwhelmed, the sweetest family💕✨🫶🏻

  9. Boutheina Dridi says:

    You’re truly a wonderful momma. The way you raised Stormie explains everything, she’s just too sweet and energetic ! May god protect you and your children.♥️

  10. Fatsam_ says:

    This honestly made me cry. One thing this family will always advocate is the importance of a strong family bond. So incredibly beautiful ❤️

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