118th Congress – House Speaker Election Continues

118th Congress – House Speaker Election Continues

The House votes on electing a new speaker.


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26 Responses

  1. A C says:

    CSPAN is going to be real interesting the next few days. Keep coming with those close up shots🤘🏽

  2. obama says:

    Also that poor clerk dealing with all that bullshit and having to stay calm. God bless her

  3. ms sage says:

    McCarthy has already moved into the Speaker’s office. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch!!! If he loses, think how embarassing that will be.

  4. obama says:

    Knowing that more than 70% of that chamber doesn’t believe a word they’re saying during the pledge, but its still beautiful to hear when all Americans join together and recite it.

  5. Fifth Avenue says:

    I bet Santos is glad that everyone is focused on the speaker fight not him 😂

  6. Handsome BLACK Muscle says:

    QUESTION, what is the point of having a timer if you are just going to disregard it?

  7. Rab says:

    This was fun. Let’s do it again tomorrow

  8. Bill Parker says:

    Every day that congress has no speaker is a win for Americans

  9. Ronald Brown says:

    They are making a key point, if those hardliners when the GOP will loss their seats 201 in 2 years. I’m now a independent voter after 40 years GOP

  10. Jwanie says:

    Well this round was better than the previous ones. They just voted electronically to adjourn lol

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