15 Fabulous Secrets in Elden Ring!

15 Fabulous Secrets in Elden Ring!

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00:00 I fought all of the Rune Bears
01:24 Radahn’s soldiers used his swords
02:17 The gravity crest looks a lot like…
03:20 Why Radahn was holding back the stars
06:15 Why are Iji’s weapons blunt?
09:16 There’s something underneath Liurnia…
11:20 Elden Ring is Path of Exile
14:19 Godrick’s leg is stolen
17:23 Roderika’s secret
18:50 The weakest attack in Elden Ring
19:20 Hide from the Eye
19:50 Elemer wants YOU to be ascetic
21:28 Damn, Radagon’s got hands
22:02 Look at the Mausoleum Set…
22:58 The thumbnail art

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►The Monument
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44 Responses

  1. VaatiVidya says:

    The next lore video is the biggest one yet…👀

  2. Eingyi says:

    Something to note about Roderika’s hood – the Navy Hood description states that these kinds of hoods were given to people from royalty who became tarnished and were driven away from their homes because they saw the guidance of grace, but the Red Hood description directly says that Roderika never saw the guidance of grace. So it’s likely that she was banished due to political strife or just general dislike by her family, which is kind of expected since she has a close connection to the spirits and ER nobility has this habit of treating everything weird as heresy. She’s probably like that stereotype of a “kid talking to ghosts” since basically the first thing you get from her is a spirit of a young girl transformed into a jellyfish.

    • Kazuya says:

      I like this

    • Iñaki Lukac says:

      Roderika brings a mentally ill vibe that the royal familiy that caused her to be mentally ill don’t really like.

    • Cilvre says:

      She reminds me of Farnese from Berserk, and her move from being a bit unhinged and misunderstood, to understanding what spirits are and then learning about magic and becoming a white mage

  3. Ruari Milne says:

    I always assumed that Radahn held back the stars to prevent Ranni’s journey. She needs them unlocked for her plans, so it could have been his way of holding his family together.

    • Mister K says:

      I always assumed it was because of the Nox. The Nox are a civilization guided by the stars, and stood against the Greater Will (or at least didn´t want to bow to him). Radahn being a pawn of the Greater Will held the stars motion so the Nox have no more guidance and were then banished underground

    • Edgor says:

      Could also be as simple as Radahn deciding that there should never be a threat from the sky as we immediately see a meteor fall into limgrave. Maybe these used to be common and were a threat (as well as containing astels) and the one in limgrave and the craters are just the very small ones.

    • Chuffed says:

      @Mister KRadahn was not a pawn of the greater will, he was more than anything a die hard believer in the golden order. Because Ranni’s fate is controlled by the movement of the stars (as explained by her quest and in game ending), Radahn halted her fate because it was in direct contrast with the beliefs and upheld values of the golden order

    • Nerazmus says:

      I wonder what was so important that Radahn gave up his future for it.

  4. riemaennchen says:

    There is another “disguised” Rune Bear in Limgrave near the camp where you get the Great Epee. Just like the other Mimic enemies that also drops a Larval Tear.

    • Aptrgangr says:

      Came here to post this. Damn thing jumpscared me so bad lmao, I had already been through the mistwood and gained a (reasonable i feel) terror at seeing them and BAM

    • VaatiVidya says:

      Oh yeah, I really should have mentioned this when I talked about the ones worth killing. Skipped my mind

    • Farhad Hakimov says:

      Same! Oh well. Gotta let the people know.

    • Casper says:

      @VaatiVidya This was legit my first thought when you were talking about it. Honestly quite the shame you missed it.

    • Karshe Oberon says:

      Yeah I remember killing him on my way past then went and hung out somewhere only to be jumped by a rune bear I had no idea where it came from. I didn’t see the transformation.

  5. Tony Price says:

    On a note similar to the analysis of reliefs and architecture in Elden Ring, I think a teamup between Vaati and the Tarnished Archaeologist would really allow for some crazy deep dives into Elden Ring’s lore.

  6. ripperman25 says:

    Radahn was said to have seen a great threat to Sellia and thus stopped the stars. I believe the meteor was on trajectory to destroy Sellia. When the last vestige of his mind finally realized he was to be bested in battle, he leaped to the stars and struck one blow to the falling-frozen meteor, sending it off course before falling to the Tarnished.

  7. Jakk Auburn says:

    In addition to Godrick and Godefroy, the Fell God also seemed pretty psyched about being offered a leg in the Fire Giant fight.

    • FearsEdge says:

      I pointed this out too. When he said they were the only ones to be happy to accept a leg as offering, the big ol’ burny boy immediately came to mind.

    • Emil Georgiev says:

      the music during that cutscene still gives me chills.

    • Amber Hernandez says:

      ​@Emil GeorgievThat cutscene reminded me so much of a quote from an old story a friend wrote:

      “What do you see?”
      “I see… fire. Bright, blazing stars of fire, beautiful and terrifying, all-consuming yet cleansing.”
      “Good. Now, pull that fire from your dreams, make it yours, and burn every damned one of them.”

    • DylanSchmeichel says:

      I like your theory. Im also confused as to why we (Vaati included) consider Godefroy canon. Lore enthusiasts that we are, we must accept Godefroy is just a lazy reskin with some random bullshit made up to justify his existence.

    • Cheung Geng Lok says:

      If you offer feet to Lord Miyazaki, he’ll make you a boss in the next FromSoft game.

  8. Ziostorm says:

    Wow that theory about Astel and Radahn is so cool. Wish the game would have expanded more upon the cosmic entities

  9. Tabletop Nephilim says:

    There’s actually another Rune Bear disguised as a noble in Limgrave, near the camp where you get that one magic scroll. It also drops a Larval Tear.

  10. Zac Berry says:

    Cant wait for the 30 hour lore deep dive into the grass differences between regions.

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