1950’s ATV Concept Build Part 2

1950’s ATV Concept Build Part 2

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30 Responses

  1. colinfurze says:

    Got some flash new gear in for this one, thank you so much for watching as its your views and interaction that make owning/borrowing these things possible.

  2. The Engineering Mindset says:

    1) Are you adding go faster stripes to ensure optimal aerodynamic efficiency
    2) Are you going to dig a supervillain/Tony stark style chamber in the tunnel to keep this in?

  3. Kyle Thatcher says:

    The amount of actual hard work that’s glossed over in 3 second montages and jump cuts is insane. Colin is so committed and focused on these projects. We recognize and appreciate your amazing work Colin!

  4. dfgatorfan says:

    I don’t think we’ll ever fully know the amount of patience, expertise, and time that goes into these projects! This thing looks amazing!

  5. Dan L says:

    What I love about Colin, is that even though he’s now a big time Youtuber with very expensive equipment he hasn’t changed personally.

  6. Julia MongAR says:

    Your video was pure gold! Your charisma and charisma shine through the screen. Keep being your awesome self and creating incredible content

  7. Joseph "Joe" Davidson says:

    I remember watching Colin when he was just using a few basic hand tools and now he has a full fabrication shop.. Loving it.

    • C Mel says:

      I love all the different tools, the best part


      i agree! unequivocally true dude

    • Creamy B says:

      Aye aye

    • Carson Hunt says:

      Same I love to see genuine people succeed!
      Wish all people with talent could pursue such dreams. Maybe one day our world will allow it instead of wasting talent in adult daycare (workforce).
      It’s why the internet has been so awesome, enables nobodies to have such opportunities! ❤ it’s what made YouTube so big in the first place. Shame they’ve lost sight of that tho.

    • Military channel says:

      Yep same here

  8. Daniel says:

    The sheer amount of work put into these videos is so impressive. Colin is obviously hyper intelligent and so casually able to make these things.

  9. my31and37 says:

    As a fabricator/engineer myself I am so impressed with the fit and finish, not to mention the engineering of your crazy projects Colin!. I hope it encourages today’s youth to pursue careers in engineering, or even just as a hobby. It’s so satisfying to see something you build come to life.

    • MonkeyJedi99 says:

      I also appreciate that Coin shares his mistakes and dead ends with us.
      For me, it reminds me that mistakes are just part of the normal process when doing something new and innovative, and to not let that get me down.

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