2023 Oracle Red Bull Racing Season Launch | LIVE FEBRUARY 3

2023 Oracle Red Bull Racing Season Launch | LIVE FEBRUARY 3

New car, new kit, live from New York City on February 3.

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34 Responses

  1. plivajuci pauk says:

    Red Bull livery designer has to be easiest job on this planet.

  2. MrJoker says:

    Alonso: «What a yoke! The season launch, what a yoke. »

  3. Enderson says:

    I love Max’s honesty, he pretty much said it’s the same livery except for more sponsor logos 🤣😆🤣

  4. GTR003121 says:

    Danny Ric!! Happy for him to be back with RB!

  5. Adrian Georgiu says:

    I watch 1 hour to see the Rb18 +plus ROKT!🤣🤦‍♂️

    • Joe Reality says:

      They’ve been running the same livery since the RB12…. Why are you expecting something different?

    • aidan_33 says:

      And Castore😂😂😂

    • Ray Zhang says:

      @Hashan Wickramasinghe pretty sure people are talking about the livery

    • Hashan Wickramasinghe says:

      They won’t show the actual car anyway. None of the top teams would. Fake floor, fake nose, fake wings, etc…. Also, RB18 was 1000 miles ahead of the rest of the grid in terms of aero efficiency. So obviously, they wouldn’t change the aerodynamics too much. Many other teams would end up copying RB18 to be very honest!

    • SUPMIK Paddleboarding says:

      That sums it up!!!😂🤡

  6. Roland Ong says:

    Oh hey. It’s the RB18B!! WOW!!

  7. Sad Law says:

    The Redbull athlete who was doing her midterms, can talk so easily and is very engaging, she should have hosted the launch.

  8. MegaHarold29 says:

    “It looks like a championship winning car” a truer statement has never been said

  9. Sticky Chicken says:

    Never change a winning team, not even the livery.

  10. TopFanTV says:

    1:20:45 – RB19 reveal 🏎️
    1:27:02 – Ford returns to F1 😮

    • Vonelle says:

      @Merc lover 44 they’re mostly just a sponsor. “Merc lover 44” might just not be a fan of anything RBR does 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Drizzydid says:

      @Merc lover 44 It might just be branding mate it’s probably still going to be the same red bull powertrains engine at its core with ford branding. It’s like when it was Infiniti redbull back in the day…when in reality the engine was renault remember? It’s all just a farce.

    • NibberJibbs says:

      @Merc lover 44 Renault who had been in F1 for years developed a shit engine for redbull, your logic does not make sense.

    • Merc lover 44 says:

      @Vonelle Yh but ford haven’t been in F1 for 20 years. They’re going in to something completely new

    • Vonelle says:

      @Merc lover 44 why so? It’s just the name

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