2023 XXL Freshman Cypher With Finesse2tymes, Lola Brooke, Fridayy, Real Boston Richey

2023 XXL Freshman Cypher With Finesse2tymes, Lola Brooke, Fridayy, Real Boston Richey

Watch the 2023 XXL Freshman cypher featuring Finesse2tymes, Real Boston Richey, Fridayy and Lola Brooke.

Beat for cypher produced by Pi’erre Bourne

Video directed by Travis Satten (https://www.travissatten.com/)
Video produced by The Rhythm Section Creative (https://www.therhythmsection.us/)

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53 Responses

  1. Evan Scott says:

    Finesse2Tymes spazzed, Boston did his thing (and smashed his cousin), Fridayyy got lost on his way to choir practice, and Lola rapped from 3 time zones ahead of the beat

  2. RoN iT says:

    Don’t let Fridayys verse distract you from the fact that Mosey woke up like the man

  3. Shawn Jai says:

    Pierre bout to carry every cypher with his beats😂

  4. DAKID. says:


  5. Jordan says:

    Pi’erre and Finesse gave me hope but then the rest let me down 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Indescribably Stasii says:

    Pierre Bourne killed them. This beat was so good I didn’t care what any of them where talking about I just wanted it to keep going

  7. Einer Bankz says:


  8. PG3D gaming says:

    1. Finesse2Tymes
    2. The background walls
    3. The Background Light
    4. Pierre
    5. The Beat
    6. The Camera
    7. Richey
    8. Lola
    9. Fridayy

  9. chase crowell says:

    Lola is literally the definition of sounding like you’re rapping but is literally saying nothing..

  10. Fancy Flowz says:

    Finesse2Tymes definitely stood out 🔥

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