50 Cent Talks “Tycoon Houston Comedy Fest, YK Osiris, Love For Houston, Mending Relationships & More

50 Cent Talks “Tycoon Houston Comedy Fest, YK Osiris, Love For Houston, Mending Relationships & More

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29 Responses

  1. Diverse Mentality says:

    I always love 50 Cent interviews, Charlamange was asking the PERFECT questions. Great interview.

  2. Cousin Chris says:

    50 Cent has mastered how to be great at being interviewed by the media. Never disappoints no matter what he’s promoting. Even if he has nothing to promote. Master Class👏🏿👏🏿

  3. GeohGald says:

    Never get tired of hearing about the late 90s/early 00s hip hop era. Especially from artists who were in the middle of it. That era was special.

  4. Classy Ladi says:

    I’m very proud of 50 cent. I’ve watched him evolve from a young rapper to building an empire. SALUTE SIR!!!

  5. Caden Carlisle says:

    What i love about 50 Cent interviews is all u have to do is ask him a question and let him talk. U don’t have to pull his teeth. Plus he’s naturally funny and his pettiness knows no limits.

  6. Resilient Red says:

    Love this interview. Keep up the great work guys. Hats off to 50 for all he contributes to the world and The Culture.

  7. etnohc says:


  8. Janai says:

    I love a good 50 interview! I think Char and Envy will be just fine as a duo. I think trying to replace Yee will mess with the energy.

  9. Geoffrey Saunders says:

    50’s interviews are always on point. We need him on Drink Champs again!!!

    • Izzyhegetsbuzy says:

      @Marzel Simmons I’m not saying with Nore was ever a beef… they always was good.

    • pedro gates says:

      @Izzyhegetsbuzy and he clearly just said he don’t have issues with puff Quincy is in the show and he wants Justin

    • pedro gates says:

      @Izzyhegetsbuzy Khalid and 50 been squashed what they had when him and fat joe did that was the reason for the beef in the first place and you crazy if Diddy won’t allow him on drink champs it’s all about that dollar it’s been people on drink champs that don’t rock with puff

    • Geoffrey Saunders says:

      @Arissen Vadivelu I know. They’ve been cool with each other since before 50 was rich, lol.

  10. Me You & Blue says:

    50 Cent interviews are hands down the best. Never miss any of his on platforms.

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