69 Days – [Hardcore Minecraft]

69 Days – [Hardcore Minecraft]

In this video I will be surviving 69 Days in Hardcore Minecraft. I will try to do as much as possible in these 69 Days and try to entertain you along the way!

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder

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44 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    Stay Notable!
    New T-Shirts HERE! – https://lukethenotablemerch.com

  2. FortifiedPhoenix says:

    “Every player is a speed runner, we’re just going at different paces” Luke TheNotable-2021


    Luke in 300 days: Nothing like wearing the head of your enemies
    Luke now: *The irony*

  4. Astrocraft40 says:

    “I found myself some Diamonds in a mine shaft chest, and this creeper congratulated me”. Notable, right there. Awesome video dude.

  5. TemmieDoesYoutube says:

    Next up “I survived 420 days in Minecraft har-”

    Luke at the end: Let me stop you right there.

  6. psywolf says:

    “Listen, if they didn’t want people stealing their stuff without credit, they should’ve trademarked it”

  7. Ethan Davie says:

    The First achievement he gets in 69 days is “We need to go deeper”
    very notable.

  8. Lankycaptain says:

    The fact that the thumbnail is upside down makes this video so much better.

  9. Ben Bovard says:

    So Luke, the reason the caves and cliffs don’t seem any different is because the 1.17 update was really only an ore and block update which also added goats and axolotls. 1.18 will change cave and terrain generation since they had to break up the original update since it got too big.

  10. Sam Dao says:

    this speedrun is very notable, loved all the speedrun references

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