A Personal Update

A Personal Update

tw: depression
If you need it:
UK – https://www.samaritans.org/
US – https://988lifeline.org/
Australia – https://www.lifeline.org.au/
World – https://faq.whatsapp.com/1417269125743673/?helpref=uf_share

Live Channel: @DanTDMLive
Retirement Video: https://youtu.be/vXWQ6Gdz0Go
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DanTDM
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/DanTDM

00:00 DanTDM is 11 years old
01:23 9 videos & YouTube Shorts
03:20 How My Day Goes
03:55 Brain Update
08:06 The Future

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29 Responses

  1. Thinknoodles says:

    Always here for you man! TeamTDM for life. 💎💎💎

  2. eamon_gk says:

    I’ve been through a similar period as of Dan and he is 100% right to get help. It’s hard but in the end I feel a lot better. TEAMTDM!!! 💎💎💎

  3. CreeperGamer shorts says:

    Don’t worry Dan we will always be here for you no matter what happens. TeamTDM for life 💎💎💎

  4. lemonlay says:

    My respect just shot through the roof for Dan. (not that it wasn’t already really high). The fact that he had the courage to share that with the whole world is incredible. We all love you so much Dan! TeamTDM for 8 years!!! ❤️


    I’ve been watching non stop for all 11 years. You’ve helped me through the worst. It’s not my place, but I’m really proud of you. You’ve come so far and improved so much. You’re an inspiration to me and many others. I really appreciate you and all you’ve done. I’m really excited for the future. Thank you so much and keep going!!!

  6. Katana says:

    I’ve been with Dan since the mod reviews. I sometimes think that he’ll eventually fade away from YouTube to take care of his kids and be an amazing dad and although it’ll be sad that he will gone, I think that he’ll deserve that rest, but since he’s still uploading now I’ll keep supporting him. Happy 11 years to the channel!! Thanks Dan for being such a great youtuber.

  7. iBallisticSquid says:

    love you bro! 💙

  8. Rose Gacha says:

    Dan, you literally raised me when my parents wouldn’t. You were the reason I didn’t give up. Your Tour videos were what I would watch with my best friend when we would have sleepovers. Your channel was always there for me when the people around me weren’t. The amount of respect I have for you dude is insane. We are always going to be here for you no matter where you go dude! I wish you and your family the best of luck. PEACE!!! ❤

  9. MoltenPumpkin says:

    Whatever you upload Dan, we will watch it. Never forget that no matter how hard things become, that there are others who are dealing with the same thing too. Happy 11th anniversary on YouTube, every single video you have made in that timespan has made loads of people happy around the world. No matter how long or short they are, I encourage you to continue at an upload pace that you are comfortable with, and I thank you again for everything you have done for us. ️💙

  10. The Noise says:

    I heard 11 years and got a flash of nostalgia that I never have had before and I am so happy, congratulations Dan ❤

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