Adding 2000 Prawns to the 5 Acre Pond!

Adding 2000 Prawns to the 5 Acre Pond!

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Day 1 Pond Build:
Day 2 Pond Build:
Day 3 Pond Build:
Day 4 Pond Build:
Day 5 Pond Build:
Day 6 Pond Build:
Day 7 Pond Build:
Day 8 Pond Build:
Adding Structure:
Filling it with Water:
Hurricane Update:
New Pet Ducks:
The Final Chapter:
Big Problems:
Filling it with Water:
Filling it with Water Part 2:
Filling it with Water Part 4:
Filling it with Water Part 5:
Filling it with Water Part 6:
Filling it with Water Part 7:
Filling it with Water Part 8:
Fixing a Leak:
Adding Fish:
Installing Aerators:
Underwater Lights:
Spring Planting:
New Fishing Cabin:
New Cabin Tour:
Stocking Shad:
Adding Vegetation:
Liming and Fertilizing:
Baby Ducks Hatched:
Tagging the Bass:
Adding the Bass:
First Time Fishing:
Adding Solar Power:
Micro Fishing for a New Pet:
Mystery Fish:
Adding Cypress Trees and Structure:
Handfeeding the Bass:
Adding 300 Goldfish:
Glass Bottom Kayaks:
Building a Duck House:
Adding Crawfish:
Adding Lily Pads and Vegetation:
Tagging Our Pet Bass:
Underwater Drones:
RC Duck Decoys:
My Biggest Mistakes:
Crystal Clear Water:
Building an Eagle Nest:
1 Year Later:
Bait Pond Day 1:
Filling Bait Pond with Water:
Adding 5,000 Prawns:
Tiger Bass are Spawning:
Adding 1,000 Tilapia:

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22 Responses

  1. Bruce Webster says:

    This is my favorite ongoing series on YT. It’s been amazing watching this enormous complex ecosystem being built and nurtured.

  2. Gerald Novick says:

    Warning… those branches you threw in are probably the best brush piles you could ever ask for except… as you can see from the very green leaves of the branches you threw in previously. Those are willows. They are a semi aquatic tree. Submerged leaves will die off but any exposed to air and sunlight will draw energy. In the right conditions, this will cause the branches to put out roots and become a clone of the parent. Given time, it will become a large tree with a deep and extensive root system. You should check the older brush piles for signs of rooting. The roots will be pinkish and look like thick hair growing from knots in the wood on the older submerged branches.

  3. Tyler Van Plew says:

    Absolutely crazy to see all of your little projects coming to fruition and thriving like this. Crazy to think I started watching Bonnie & Clyde grow up in a tank for tank Tuesdays to them now in arguably one of the coolest ecosystems ever. You’ve got a life long supporter! I noticed the letter “O” still has a spot and I’d love to name a bass “Orca”. Orca whales are super aggressive apex predators and these fish in this pond are just as aggressive as one of the coolest animals ever. Thanks!

  4. C4 says:

    This is legit gonna be a gnarly trophy pond one day. The way you’ve set it up, I feel even if deserted, some monsters would always live in the deep spots.

  5. B. Lang says:

    O-Octavius. I have loved watching this series unfold over the past few years from the backyard pond to the turtle eggs to the turtle pond to the farm pond. Truly a dream!

  6. MAX B says:

    This pond journey has been one of my favorite YouTube series to keep up with. Truly amazing creating your own ecosystem in your backyard 🤯 My only request is that you make the night time sky time lapses longer and without pop ups in the way 🥺 The time lapse videos are so beautiful 👍🏼

  7. Bricen Ray says:

    I love this went from a fish tank to a whole nature center. Amazing work.

  8. B G says:

    It would be fun if you named the different parts of the pond with silly names, like where you sank some of the brush last year as “Scrub Brush Bay,” or where one of the green lights is located “Green Light Gulch.” There’s lots of fun stuff that would make great names!

  9. sapien says:

    I just gotta say, this channel brings me so much happiness, the way you and your family tend to and nurture all this life around you is beautiful. Brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my face! Congrats on the little man!!

  10. HexAnd$More🟢 says:

    P = PrawnSlayer, fitting name for one bass in this amazing pond. Really enjoy this adventure. Thanks for bringing it to us all 🎣

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