I Met Elliot in Real Life…

I Met Elliot in Real Life…


Big thanks to my cuz George for helping me film. https://www.instagram.com/george.ghie/


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in this jmancurly video, I meet Elliot, vmt, and cracker in real life, this video was so crazy because I met all the gorilla tag crew in REAL LIFE!!



WAKEUP – Dom Corleo Remake by @chiefhussam
beatstars: https://www.beatstars.com/chiefhussam
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chiefhussam/
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/chiefhussam


I do not own any of the music, pictures, overlays/chroma key, external video clips, or sound effects used in this video. Unless I do, which I usually don’t.

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31 Responses

  1. jmancurly says:


  2. Wave says:

    I honestly cried. I don’t cry often at YouTube videos, but this one really made me because of how wholesome it was.

  3. M Clark says:

    i love how jman is just towering above everyone they look so small when they hug him

  4. RadarVR says:

    Its honestly a heart warming moment to see the crew back but irl, i cried tbh. :’)

  5. Natalie H says:

    Man I really wish I would be able to see you every time 😔 this honest made me cry bc how wholesome it was. Meeting everyone you possibly know in the gt community has to be the best thing for you ❤️ I hope to see you one day jmancurly❤️

  6. JakeyBakey says:

    “I was so thirsty I stole a drink from the store” Elliot had me dying

  7. ChubbyBubbers says:

    Absolutley surreeaaaaallll,
    I cannot believe how far the curly crew has gotten, watching as you went from just starting playing gorilla tag to GOING TO VIDCON! 2 million here we come 😭🥳

  8. Professional_imbecile says:

    It’s been an awesome journey with this channel, I’m glad that jman got to this point. His videos have really helped me when I was feeling sad in any way or just down in the dumps. He’s a silly guy, and even though this happened a while ago, congrats on getting 1million subscribers.

  9. BrokenMetalJaxx says:

    Wow, I remember the beginning, and everything that has preceded. It’s amazing to see everything full circle, those inspiring words at the end, will for sure, help someone push the final stride to go and make it. I say this to all content creators, but from a humble beginning, to where you are now, you will always inspire. I’ll never forget the humble words you first said to me in call “Don’t worry, I’m just like you, we’re both the same people. How’s it going man.” Those words will always live with me, thank you for being here to guide others, and help begin journeys. ❤❤❤ (Much gorilla love man)

    • Typical_Fv says:

      I will spread ur cheeks lil bro 😭🙏🏾🙏🏾I betta not catch you in my comments again or it’s finna gon be OVER for you 👾

  10. Schwagel02 says:

    this is every gamers dream. meeting their online friends. and this was also just so surreal. i never expected ANY of those people to look the way they do. this was an amazing/wholesome video jman. absolutely beautiful

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