aespa 에스파 ‘Thirsty’ Track Video

aespa 에스파 ‘Thirsty’ Track Video

aespa’s 3rd Mini Album “MY WORLD” will be released on May 8th, 6PM (KST).

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🌐 ‘Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)’ MV

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aespa 에스파 ‘Thirsty’ Track Video ℗© 2023 SM Entertainment, under exclusive license to Warner Records Inc.

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25 Responses

  1. ༄ᴀᴇD4RK࿐ says:

    *_Who will always support AESPA forever raise their hand_* ☝️✌️✋

  2. i12brian0511 says:

    이번 앨범은 에스파가 모든 장르,컨셉을 다 소화할수있다는걸 보여주네요. 음악성,컨셉,장르,보컬,실력, 심지어 연기도 다 되는 걸그룹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. macha ayaya says:


    • King 89 says:

      ” deep …deep …all night “…haha wtf…

    • Denilyn Imboc says:

      Totally agreeeeee waaaaaah I super love it I feel like aespa this is the first time? I mean crossover of kpop and FRIENDS waaaah

  4. rina says:

    Will never get over Ningning’s tone here. The definition of honey vocals 0:42

  5. joshua_daniel says:

    Wow they did an amazing job with the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme. Go girls!

  6. Summer Spice says:

    If there’s one thing to know abt SM grps, they have some of the best R&B songs in Kpop. So excited for this cb! ❤

  7. ༄ᴀᴇD4RK࿐ says:

    *_Karina: Campus Fashionista_* 💙
    *_Giselle: School’s Queen_* 🌙
    *_Wintee: The Tomboy crush_* ⭐
    *_Ningie: Everyone’s dream girl_* 🦋

    • ༄ᴀᴇD4RK࿐ says:

      ​@Yuqi’s Kitsch Is UNFORGIVEN he did made that account newly for spamming. Cuase spamming accounts get shadow banned for some time so he need multiple of them.

      Spamming to claim other spammer, only this mental can do this.

    • Yuqi's Kitsch Is UNFORGIVEN says:

      @user-dq6wd9lp8f  not to mention you making claims that we using multiple accounts but did you not just make this account 4 hours ago?

    • Yuqi's Kitsch Is UNFORGIVEN says:

      @user-dq6wd9lp8f  Child please, I had this account way longer than any of this mess, try again.

    • Yuqi's Kitsch Is UNFORGIVEN says:

      @༄ᴀᴇD4RK࿐ I see, I’ve see this account all the time accusing people, but never really cared cause I thought it was a troll account.

  8. Hope S says:

    Another day of thanking me to the person who came up with “let’s make track videos and separate MV for all the b-sides and spoil the fans after all this waiting”.
    And of course thanks to the girls who made it come true, because even though we were in kind of a drought era, they were always busy with their different schedules all the time, but still worked harder for us 💜

  9. lentik says:

    Mys mari melakukan yg terbaik utk mendukung aespa hari senin nanti dgn lagu baru mereka ‘Spicy’ !

  10. Ceres Reina says:

    Y este TEMON???? ya se que va a ser uno de mis favoritos

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