‘Alien corpses’ displayed during Mexico’s Congressional hearing on UFOs | NewsNation Now

‘Alien corpses’ displayed during Mexico’s Congressional hearing on UFOs | NewsNation Now

A UFO journalist and researcher displayed two bodies he claims are alien corpses during a hearing in Mexico’s congress. The hearing comes after the U.S. held its own hearings on UFOs, and ahead of a NASA report on the phenomena.

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40 Responses

  1. Daniel BROWNE says:

    The NASA report will be a let down for those hoping for revelations

    • Larry Fleetwood says:

      Nothing new there then.

    • Slim is chillin says:

      Yeah, I expect absolutely nothing

    • Ben Peterson says:

      That’s practically common knowledge at this point. I listened to an interview with one of the board members. Their entire scope of work basically acts like the 2017 New York Times article never happened, and they are starting from square one. They are trying to go through data, except they aren’t given data from classified locations, tools, or operations, which basically cuts their data at the knees.

    • Tyler Nelso says:

      Just like NASA

  2. WP SN says:

    Even if you think this is a hoax, you have to admit, it’s quite surprising that accredited North American universities like Lakehead University in Canada, Harrisburg University in America, and a number of major medical diagnostic companies, would agree to associate their name with this presentation. That should pause kneejerk dismissal.

  3. shiva Joshi says:

    This has gained attention because renowned labs worldwide, including Genetech, Lakehead University, Abraxas, BioTecMal, Ingemmet, UNAM, Harrisburg University, and others, have analyzed it. They’ve used 3D X-rays, DNA samples, and more to confirm its authenticity. (Furthermore, at the congressional hearing, they revealed all the 3D scans of metal implants and the so-called “eggs.” This was broadcasted live and made available for public viewing. While some media outlets have displayed these images, it’s curious that not many have done so. Nevertheless, all of it is accessible online for anyone interested to see.)

  4. Chairman Xi JinPooh says:

    Just around 20 years ago, no country would even seriously talk about UFOs, let alone allow a conference in the congress that would involve a supposed alien body.

  5. Jared Holland says:

    May we never forget News Nation stood up when no other news stations would

  6. RavenFyre says:

    Something tells me that NASA’s report will be 2 hours long saying, “we don’t know, but we are investigating”.

  7. Marcus_x_art says:

    US hearing- woah woah you can’t say biologics! Mexican hearing- alright, roll out the bodies

  8. dev dev says:

    Kudos to Mexico for being the first country to show such transparency! A historic discovery that makes the whole world proud. Viva México!

  9. Subie Seduction says:

    You guys should mention that they conducted a lot of testing, instead of reporting the skepticism. This is a big moment in history. Especially for Mexico!

  10. Somi🌏 says:

    Thank you News Nation and Mexico 🌻

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