Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer

Grab some popcorn and turn out the lights! It’s Amanda time!

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43 Responses

  1. Cortney says:

    There’s nothing more ‘Markiplier’ than ending his stream whilst trashing on a camera company about how crazy the prices are 😂

  2. Jarl_Stigandr says:

    Mark sounding like a father done with his childrens shit in the beggining is pure comedy

  3. MinnesotaSaint says:

    I think it’s funny that Mark is a chronic milk drinker but constantly breaks his bones

  4. Caspian Odinsson says:

    I love how every Markiplier stream starts with his wild indignation and unwarranted agression to chat.

  5. KanuckStreams says:

    Hey Markiplier! Fun little fact! A male chicken is only called a cockerel if it is younger than one year old, after which it is known as a cock. Similarly, a female chicken is called a pullet when it is younger than a year, after which it is known as a hen! Also, Amanda was kind of right about the cannibalism of chickens, they are absolutely cannibals if they need to be. This is why it is vital never to feed chickens egg and clean up any broken eggs in laying nests quickly. If the chickens figure out that the eggs they lay can be eaten, many will lay an egg, then just turn around and peck it open and eat it.

    I used to raise chickens when I was a young teen.

  6. LunarSacrament says:

    Mark saying he got his ADD meds and then proceeding to forget questions because it won’t repeat is such a mood

  7. ?Lunar¿ says:

    The way the stream ended was honestly hilarious, it’s literally just mark dying

  8. Big Man says:

    I love how mark is just unfazed almost the entire time while old markiplier would be screaming his lungs out

  9. White Tanook says:

    Still laughing at “Full Farquad look” hope you’re doing well mark

  10. liv says:

    mark yelling at us for not knowing anything about wether iron lung is a feature film or a short film is hilarious

    • DynoSkirmisher420 says:

      The game was short, but with Mark and the game dev with all of the lore at their minds, the movie might answer some questions but then ask more

    • Blake Braswell says:

      Well, there is a trailer, and like ten other videos where he explains it, so I can understand his exasperation.

    • Steel says:

      Wait but will it be in theaters or no

    • Blast Beat says:

      ​@Steel Yes. Possibly a limited release but it will be shown theatrically.

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